The Four Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2011

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At the end of 2009 I stumbled up an end-of-the-year Goal Assessment exercise that I really enjoyed.  I was clearing up a few things recently and actually found the results to the exercise I wrote one year prior!  I gotta admit, I choked up a bit just looking at the growth and changes in just one year!

Below are the same four questions I asked myself last year .  I highly encourage you read these questions carefully and write down your answers. I will be doing this again this year and the next year, and the year after that and so on!

I hope that take some serious time to ask yourself these questions, write down the answers and store this in a safe place.  It is important to know where we have come from and what we have accomplished in our lives thus far to determine where we are headed.  Let this exercise serve as your “Goal Compass” to help guide you along your path of continued success!  ENJOY!

Your 2011 Goal Compass:

1.  What were your BIGGEST Accomplishments of 2010?

2.  What lessons have you learned from those accomplishments?

3.  What were your BIGGEST Disappointments of 2010?

4.  What lessons have you learned from those Disappointments?

If you’ll allow me, I have added a few questions to the process…

5.  What will be your biggest accomplishment(s) in 2011?

6.  How will you start today to accomplish your goals for tomorrow?

Excellent!  That’s it! Did you write down your answers?  Take some to time to truly answer these questions!

And remember, a failure is only truly a failure if you didn’t learn anything from the experience!

My 7 Biggest Lessons of 2010:

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to dedicate the second half of this blog post to some of the most important lessons I learned in 2010.  Some of these lessons came out of the successes I had, but most came out of failures and frustrations that I experienced.

1.  80% is Mindset

All the tools, tactics, get-rich-quick strategies, and other shiny-red distractions that are being sold to you on a daily basis will mean nothing if your head is not in the right place to begin with.  Mindset is everything! You must value your time &  your knowledge, have confidence in yourself and in what you are selling!  You must also be very conscious of the little things you do on a daily basis to sabotage yourself and your business. (We do it all the time!) 🙂

2.  Relationships-Can’t Live with them, Can’t live without ’em!

Introverts are attracted to online business opportunities because they feel that human beings can be eliminated out of the equation.  A few hours in front of the computer and you can see the money rolling in!  (WRONG!) The truth of the matter is this: recruiting more people to help you realize your vision will only bring it to fruition sooner!  Forming strategic partnerships can skyrocket you to a success you never dreamed possible.  But with that being said, people are also the cause of 90% of the business problems we face.  Problems with communication, poor performance, due dates not met, cheating, lying, stealing, etc, are all things we have to face when dealing with other people.  You need people to help you grow your business, but they can be the source of a lot of pain & frustration!  The answer is to properly screen and identify WHO you work with.  Choose wisely!  (That is a whole other topic deserving of its own blog post)

3.  Outsource

“The less I do, the more I make!” <—Repeat that 10 times a day until it syncs in!  Put yourself in the CEO position and delegate and outsource.  My business costs have increased this year, but my output, income, productivity levels and sanity (hehe!) are way up!!  First, ask yourself, “what am I doing that could be done for cheaper?” Once you outsource THAT, ask yourself, “What am I avoiding to do all together, because I hate doing it?” And then outsource that!  Bottom line, you can’t survive in this business alone without outsourcing.  P.S. I created an Outsourcing video here!

4.  Test & Track

Website Optimizer is the easiest tool to use on the planet.  If you are selling anything online, you need to be testing headlines, copy, images, offers, videos & anything else you can think of.  I like to imagine testing like finding money in between your coach cushions.  The money was there all along, you just had to look for it!  Most people make the excuse, “I don’t get enough traffic to start testing,” or “I’m not ready to test yet.” B.S!  Outsource it and get your first test started right now!

5.  Never Ever Stop Learning

It’s Human Need Psychology-we need to always experience growth!  Never stop learning new things!  When the Internet evolves at the speed of light, you need to develop a passion and a hunger for knowledge, especially when trying to keep up with all the new technology & software!  This year I took an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Workshop, learned Reiki (alternative healing modality), deepened my study of Personality Types through Myers-Briggs & continued stumbling with my guitar lessons.  Never stop learning!

6.  Detachment from the Method

This past Summer I set a little goal to gather some money to attend Tony Robbin’s Unleash The Power Within event in Los Angeles.  I was extremely intentional about my decision to go and was adamant that I would be attending the VIP section front & center!  Before I got the money together, the tickets presented themselves to me in a different way: a dear friend offered a pair of VIP tickets(completely unsolicited by me!) in exchange for some website work.  I realized then and there that the goals we set and the things we desire aren’t always obtained according to the plan that we originally created.  My lesson was to become more flexible to other opportunities, trust the result, and remove detachment from the method.

7.  Persistence Baby!

I was reading a salesletter recently for a new internet marketing product that promises you riches beyond belief at just the click of a button.  In fact, the author of salesletter goes on to claim that the only reason more people aren’t successful online is because 99% of products sold online are junk.  Well, perhaps most of the internet marketing products sold today are bad, but I personally believe that the reason most people don’t find success online is because they lack persistence.   Simply put, they don’t want it enough! Most “gurus” and “overnight successes” (ha!) will tell you they struggled for years, went into $50,000 debt, bought every course, and three years later they finally struck gold!  Well….that is what you call PERSISTENCE!  Most people will give up way before that point!

Now, I don’t believe you need to go into debt or live in a cardboard box to achieve success with your business, but you do need to have persistence.  You need a willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish what you originally set out to do!  I feel that when you set your mind on something and decide on a new goal, the entire World is just sitting there saying, “prove it!”

As you’ve written our your goals for 2011, ask yourself, “How bad do you want to achieve these goals?”  “What are you willing to do to accomplish them?” These answers will already serve as an indicator as to whether or not these goals ever get accomplished, or simply forgotten about in six months.

In Conclusion…

2010 is nearing its end!  Are you on track with where you want to be in your business?  What can you do right now to change, improve & grow?  Make your assessment today amd then get out there and take some action!


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  1. says

    I loooooove #2!!!
    When you shared this “epiphany” during Tennis, I was Stoked
    that you “got this” annnnd I’ve been repeating it to others all week.
    you’re SO spot on with this.
    People are critical to our success.
    Thus — why we want to choose our people well.
    Very well.
    And that summarizes my biggest lesson for 2009 AND 2010!
    Thanks for sharing these great questions James!
    and inspiring me to keep on keeping on in business.
    YOU are a true inspiration and I’m thankful we’re on the
    same team! :+)

  2. says

    I agree with #2 but will never do #3. I’d rather do all of the work myself, this way I’m sure it gets out exactly how I want it with no hassle (IM’s and email back and forth with delays, complaints, uncle died, cat had a stroke ect).
    Happy New Year!

  3. says

    im typically roaming all over the internet nearly all of the day therefore I choose to read a good deal, which isnt normally a good thing as the majority of the web pages I view are made up of unproductive rubbish copied from similar sites a thousand times, however I gotta give you props this website is indeed decent and even holds a bit of authentic content, therefore thank you for breaking the pattern of solely replicating other peoples’ websites 🙂


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