6 Tips to Making Your Videos Quicker & Easier

There is a direct correlation between business growth and the speed of implementation.

The quicker you can move from idea to execution, the quicker you will see results and experience momentum. Don’t let your video-making process be the bottleneck that slows you down and hinders your growth. 

Below are six strategies that will make your video-making process much easier..  so easy in fact, you might actually enjoy the process!  (No promises, though!)

Time is Money.

Many business owners reject video as a potential marketing opportunity because they assume it takes a lot of expensive equipment and time.

With the right processes in place, you can be up and running with your first video in a matter of hours. 

The key to a perfect video-making system is being able to speed up the entire process and deliver a message that truly resonates with your viewers.

A well-produced video starts with efficiency.

An effective video leaves a lasting (positive) impression of your company. 

Apply the following 6 steps and you will be able to produce a marketing video with ease… and in half the time.


The more time you spend planning, the more time you avoid in being stuck in “Reactive Mode.” 

A Shot List is the industry term for the list of shots (or Youtube videos) you plan to film.  Don’t show up to your film day without a clear plan of what you want videos you want to film that day. 

And while having a Video Shot List is a great start, you will save even MORE time when you…


Creating a script helps you draft a storyline for the video. The script will be the driving force behind the video, images, content, and voice-overs.  Plus, it helps you tell the story of your company or product.

Some scripts include an intro, a value proposition or a product demonstration, while others include an introduction, a problem-solution format and a call to action.

When writing a script, be mindful of your audience demographic and attempt to tell the story in a way your viewers will find compelling. 

Once your script is complete, do a dry run before you start filming so you can pace the message and fine tune the flow of the video. Keep the message simple and try to condense it into a handful of sentences.  Remember that most viewers can only retain a few key messages, so include words that create a reaction or connection and play on the viewer’s emotions.

Spending time on the front-end to plan and develop a compelling video will save you hours of editing in post production.


Creating a marketing video efficiently is best achieved when you have a quiet, dedicated space equipped with good lighting and well-placed backdrops. Having such a space will save you time and energy in the set up, which can often take away from the primary task of delivering a solid message. 

This is the technical side of video production that needs to be well organized. 

If you don’t have a studio, no problem!

A bedroom or office can easily be converted into your makeshift studio! One of my best time-saving tips is to place duck tape markers on the floor where the lighting equipment and tripod should go. 

Be sure to test the lighting placement to ensure your set is lit properly, as lighting is one of most important variables of a well-produced video. 


This step is so important!

Multi-tasking has no place in video-making and frankly, complicates the whole process. 

The simple solution is to block off an entire day in your schedule just for filming.  This is the day to put the “Do-Not-Disturb” door hanger on your door and block out any other distractions or appointments for the day. 

If you want to be efficient, cut yourself off from the rest of your responsibilities until  after you film the video.  Dedicated film time will help you warm up quicker and deliver your message more effectively.

Most importantly, it will minimize the chances of small mistakes that can ruin your videos. A great video is best produced in a single day. Commit to filming the entire video, even if it means a late night, because it will definitely be worth it. 


Editing can turn something “average” into something extraordinary.

But…it takes time.

Lots of time.

So, I am always a fan of outsourcing your editing whether that’s locally or overseas.

On OnlineJobs.ph, you can find a video editor for as little as $4/hr to start turning your raw footage into a completed masterpiece!


Many people think that big equipment equals big video production.

Not the case.

The most important feature of whatever piece of equipment you’re using is that you know how to utilize and operate it.

When I film with my Nikon d5100 (my fancy dSLR camera), it usually takes a second person and tons of fine-tuning. Filming on my iPhone is a breeze and produces high quality video, not to mention I always have on hand when inspiration strikes!

They always say the best camera is the one you have with you, so if that’s an iPhone… begin with what you’ve got, and grow as you go!

VIDEO: A Video About How I Make a Video…

In Conclusion…

Your videos won’t be perfect every time and that’s okay.. especially at the beginning.

So, to soften the brunt of video growing pains, develop a system and create an efficient Video-Making Factory! 

Think McDonald’s.  They were never known for the BEST hamburgers in the world, but founder, Ray Kroc, knew how to develop systems for creating restaurants and food at lightning speed. 

Your job is to find a happy medium between quality and efficiency that fits your brand and gets you results.

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