The 7 Questions to Ask Yourself for Explosive Growth in 2013


Over the years, I’ve realized one important truth:  The quality of our lives truly is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.

[blockquote]A great question is like a ringing phone…it has to be answered! [/blockquote]

A great question is like a ringing phone…it has to be answered!  And that’s what happens!  With the right question, you can immediately shift your focus from the negative to a myriad of positive, possible solutions.

And the more skilled you become at asking deeper and more profound questions of yourself, your business and life – the richer you life will get (Which includes ALL types of “riches”)

How the Right Answers Find YOU

Instead of me telling you 100 different things I learned in 2012 last year, or 10 ways to make your 2013 a success, I’m going to flip the script and put YOU on the hot seat.

That’s right – YOU, are going to provide the main content for this post. (With a little help of course)

Here’s what I mean…

I’m going to list 7 questions.

These are 7 critical questions that EVERY entrepreneur should be asking of themselves, if they want their business to experience massive growth in 2013.

But don’t worry; I’m not going to leave you hanging with 7 questions and no responses.  That’s why I’ve listed my answer to each question as well.  These are MY personal responses based on where I am focusing my business in 2013…talk about full transparency!

All I ask of you is ONE thing…

Please DO NOT continue reading if you don’t plan on answering these questions for yourself.  

It does you no good to simply read questions like these and then walk away without taking the time to give your personal answers.   

Now, for those of you that do continue reading, I’d like you to select one question (If not ALL of them) and write your answer in the comment section at the end of this post.  Ready?

7 Critical Questions for Greater
in 2013

1.  In What Areas Did You Improve last year in 2012, and WHAT do you Attribute that Success to?

James Answer:  I doubled my revenue (which was incredible, and it allowed me to move to NYC!).  What do I attribute this to?  Simply put: FOCUS.  I reined in the “shiny red balls,” and I focused on a simple, scalable strategy that I tweaked, honed and improved constantly.  

Why This Question Is Important:  To figure out where you are going, it’s nice to see where you have come…and HOW you got here!  Identify those areas where you are repeatably successful, and see how you can scale and automate them in 2013.

What’s Your Answer?

2.  What Will You do Differently This Year to Stand Out and Separate your Brand From all the “Noise?”

 James Answer:   The short answer: Make more videos…and make them all BIGGER & BETTER.  My passion, hobby and business is VIDEO…so, I like to continue raising the bar with everything I do. This means make them more engaging, entertaining and memorable.  Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already:

Why This Question Is Important:  It’s pretty noisy out there!  There are a TON of people pushing their messages and content, and people are becoming too busy and too desensitized.  How can you push past the clutter and become REMARKABLE and MEMORABLE in every way….from what you say to how you say it?  Think about this one for awhile…

What’s Your Answer?

3.  What are you top 3 Marketing Strategies?

 James Answer:  I like to keep things simple…I am continuing to build my platform and generate traffic with YouTube(1).  I am building a stronger relationship with my audience through E-mail Marketing (2).  And I teach and train through Webinars (3).

Why This Question Is Important:  In a recent survey I conducted, over 37% of my subscribers admitted that they were struggling because: “There is too much to do, and not enough time!”  …Well, that’s not true…you don’t need to do THAT much stuff to get RESULTS and build a business….you’ve just been TOLD you need to do it all.  From Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all the rest, marketing has become a full-time gig.  KEEP it SIMPLE, and focus on just THREE primary strategies for marketing your business in 2013!  It’s about MASTERY…and you can’t master anything if you’re trying to do it all.

What’s Your Answer?

4.  What Metrics Do You Need to Be Tracking to See Growth in 2013

 James Answer:  I am interested in diving deeper into the data behind my customer/audience’s discovery and behavior.  When a customer purchases, which video did they watch?  How did they find me, and what did they do next once they did?  I am also into learning more about the viewing behavior of my visitors when they are watching my sales videos.  I use EasyVideoSuite to track that (

Why This Question Is Important:  If you’re a left-brainer, you get it.  If you’re not…you need to.  Successful Marketers are those who identify WHAT’S WORKING and do more of THAT (and less of what’s not working).  How can you really know what works without proper testing, tracking and measuring of your data?!

What’s Your Answer?

5.  How Will You Provide More Value in 2013?

James Answer:  I am ALWAYS asking myself this question…so I have a few answers, including, make MORE videos, show more action-inspiring case studies, host LIVE events & workshops, and create time-saving software and tools!

Why This Question Is Important:  If you want to increase your income, it’s as simple as proving more value to your customers.  How can you give them more? How can you make their lives easier?  How can you improve your customer experience?  How can you get them to become raving fans who can’t stop talking about you?!

What’s Your Answer?

6.  Who Do You Need to Connect with in 2013 to Help You Along my Path?

 James Answer:  Yikes, this one was hard for me…I’m looking to connect with people outside of my industry.  I would like to build relationships with BIG YouTube Celebrities, and other connectors who have communities that can benefit from effective video marketing training!

Why This Question Is Important: You can’t do it all alone…sorry.  Your net worth IS equal to your Network!  Connect, provide value and build powerful relationships!

What’s Your Answer?

7.  What 5% of your activities account for 95% of your results?

 James Answer:  Relationship-building.  When I create stronger relationships with “Tribe-Leaders,” I forge incredible synergistic partnerships.  When I create deeper relationships with my subscribers and students, my income goes up…and I fall deeper into love with what I do!

Why This question Is Important:  It’s all too easy to stay active and “busy” without being productive.  A successful business owner identifies the VALUABLE components that have a direct correlation to yielding results in their businesses, and that’s all they focus their energies on.

What’s Your Answer?

Final Words…

Just taking a moment to briefly share my answers with you gave me more clarity for myself.  We all have our goals, our “why’s” and our habits, but these Seven Questions will help to create answers and solutions for HOW to take action and actually achieve your goals!   Do take a moment to focus on these questions.  Write them out on a piece of paper…and don’t worry if the answers don’t come immediately.  Enjoy the process of brainstorming and creative thinking, and most importantly: trust that the BEST answers will come!

Now, let’s rock 2013!

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  1. says

    You will be happy to know that video was listed in many of many answers. Most specifically, #2. I have a lot of knowledge to share from 20 years in the jewelry biz, plus I have the ability to share process videos and use plenty of visuals in every video.
    Not a lot of jewelers use video, and when I look at what is out there on youtube there are a lot of cheesy guys in ill-fitting suits talking on and on about diamonds.
    Standing out will be easy!

  2. says

    Jennifer,I was thinking the same thing wisnihg I could like the posts and comments on this blog. It gives me hope to read this when I feel like we are bombarded with so much bigotry and close-mindedness. There are more empathetic people out there than we realize.Libby

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