How I Build My List with Video (5 Ways)

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When it comes to List Building, the metric that gets me most-excited is “Daily Opt-Ins.”  Here’s why.

While most-people love “collecting” their leads and showing off their “list number” like a bag of goodies they’ve gathered over the years, to me, ‘List Size’ can be pretty stagnant and insignificant.  It’s the difference between drinking water out of a small flowing creek vs a muddy, dammed up pond.

In short, it’s your Subscriber Lifecycle.  Here’s how it works:  January comes around, and James with all his big ideas and passionate desires to better himself decides he wants to start playing guitar!  So, what does he do?  He searches YouTube for guitar lessons and training videos.  He signs up for a free newsletter, and training series, and gets some good content.

Then, something happens.  James gets distracted by what we call…”life.”  (SQUIRREL!)

James is no longer interested in Guitar Lessons.  He has moved on.  Yet he is still on “Guitar Master Mike’s” email list.

Will James open his emails?  Maybe.

Will James buy from Mike?  No.

In short:  No two Leads were ever created equal.

Or in other words: If you’re not List Building…you’re List Loosing.

This is why EVERY DAY must begin with a healthy dose of fresh lead-getting, opt-in having FUN!  What’s YOUR plan?!  How are you attracting new people to learn more about you?!  How are you building that list of yours?!  Or is it something you’ve put on the “to-do” list to eventually get around to?

Here are the FOUR Ways I’ve used VIDEO to build an email list of over 66,000 awesome supporters.

1.  YoutTube 

In the past 18 months, I uploaded at least one video to YouTube each and every week.  EACH of those videos included some sort of Call-To-Action at the END of my video to tell viewers what to do next.

If your viewer stumbled upon your video and liked what you had to share, it’s only natural that they would want more, right?  

Using both an “External Link Annotation,” and a link in your DESCRIPTION, you can encourage, motivate and inspire your viewers to become website visitors with just a click of a button!

What Call-to-Action can you offer to your audience to get them the HECK off of YouTube and into your circle?

2.  YouTube Commercials

Yes! PAID YouTube Ads is a GREAT way to boost traffic and get more exposure, but that’s not exactly what I’m referring to here.  Starting some time last year, I introduced small 30-50 second “commercials” to the end of my videos with a specific Call to Action.  I wrote a simple script, recording my audio and found a videographer to animate some cool text and graphics.

Here is an example of one of my “Video Commercials” below:

VIDEO EXAMPLE: A Video Ad I Use in My Own YouTube Videos

Facebook Video3.  Facebook Video

Although I looove YouTube, I’ve also been using Facebook to upload and share my videos.  Most of the videos I upload here are short “Call-to-Action” videos that let people know about a Free Video Series or upcoming Webinar I’m hosting.  Below is an example of one of those videos and an actual post I ran.

Now, to REALLY make these work, you’ll need to be willing to throw  Facebook some money and do some Paid Ads and Promoted Posts.  And of course…TRACK your conversions!  How much does it cost to acquire a new lead?

4.  Squeeze Page Video

I use Lead Pages for most of my Squeeze Page offers now.  It’s just so easy to create and split test pages in minutes.  But I NEVER create a new squeeze page without using a Video to help push the offer!  And most of the time, it helps!  Below is an example of one of my videos on a Squeeze Page.

Squeeze Page with Video

Here’s a simple format or outline I follow when creating a Squeeze Page Video:

a.  Who are you?
b. What do you have?
c. What will it do for your viewer?
d.  How can they get it right now?

5.  Give ’em a Video!

Video has a higher perceived Value.   This is why most of my “irresistible free offers” are VIDEO-RELATED.  In fact, a recent example was my FREE 5-Day Video Marketing Training Class.  It was made up of five, short daily training videos delivered over five days.

If you want to build your list, create a FREE VIDEO that delivers your BEST Tips, Content and Action Items, and get hungry visitors to subscribe in order to get access.

It’s important to note here: I don’t use YouTube to host these “free training videos.”  Instead I host them privately using something like Vimeo or Wistia.  Why?  It’s simple.  I don’t want the videos that dedicated subscribers have opted in for to just be floating around YouTube for anyone to see!

How Can You Build Your List with Video?

The five examples above are simple to execute.  And it can be boiled down into 3 simple steps.

Step #1:  Create Awesome Content

Step #2: Ask People to “subscribe” to get  “Even More Awesome Content”

Step #3:  Give them even MORE Awesome Content

List Building needs to become a #1 Priority in your business.  More incoming leads (daily opt-ins), more influence, more reach and more customers.  How will you use video to attract and audience and build your list?

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  1. says

    Great post James,

    I really needed this one, because I’ve been a bit too top heavy with blog posts.

    But need to be more consistent with my videos, because I know it will drive more traffic to my site & get them on my list.



  2. says

    What a great post!

    I love the idea of adding a commercial to the end of my videos. I have one that I was going to post on an interest page on my site, and adding it to more videos can only help drive interest!

    I’m also going to make a quick video for my upcoming webinar squeeze page.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!


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