How to Choose the BEST Microphone for Your Videos

Believe it or not, making better quality videos starts with BETTER Audio!  If your audience can’t hear you, they’re not gonna listen (duh!)  So, in today’s video blog post, we’ll explore the FOUR options you have available!
NOTE:  There ARE more than four options…but for business owners looking to make videos quick and easy, these are the ONLY options I want you to consider.

VIDEO:  Your FOUR Microphone Options

The following are the four microphone options demonstrated in the video above.  Make sure to WATCH the video to hear each mic in action.

Microphone Option #1: Your Onboard Mic

The onboard mic is the microphone that is “built-in” on your existing camera.  Each camera is different, so each mic will be different.  For obvious reasons, you should avoid using the onboard mic like the plague…no matter how “convenient” it is!

But you ALSO want to find a camera that has an input for an external microphone jack (extremely important!)  Here is a previous video I did on Video Cameras I personally recommend:  Video Camera Reviews

I am ALSO a huge advocate of the iPhone 5s for filming your marketing videos.  Here’s my review of iPhone 5s’s video camera here: iPhone 5s Video Camera Review

Microphone Option #2: The Wired Lavalier

A wired lavalier or lapel mic is simply a mic that clips onto your shirt of blouse and sits just inches from your mouth.  This way, no matter how far away your camera is, your audio doesn’t change!
The wired lavalier I most-recommend is the Audio Technica Pro 70.  It’s less than $100 and you can get it on right now!
If you want an even cheaper mic, you can pick up the Audio Technica ATR–3350.  It’s like $20.  You can’t go wrong.

Microphone Option #3: The Rode NTG2 Condenser Shotgun Mic

This isn’t my favorite mic, but if you want to avoid wires, cables and “miking up” your subject, this mic will do the trick!
Rode makes all kind of different shotgun mics.  The one I’m using is the NTG2 which can be found here:  The Rode NTG2 Shotgun Mic

Microphone Option #4: The Sony Wireless Lavalier System

This is the mic I used for 99% of my videos.  It’s a wireless lavalier system by Sony ( Sony Wireless Lavalier UWPV1).  I like it because I don’t have to worry about cables or distance, and I still get AMAZING-quality audio.  The drawback…the price.  Its about $500 for this set…so if money is an issue, I say just go with the Audio Technica Pro 70!
Are These The ONLY Four Mics Out There?
No. Of course not.  And that’s the point!  There’s dozens of great choices, and it’s my job to help make your decision easier…not harder!  And if you already have a mic that you’re happy with, don’t waste money on a new one!  If it ain’t broke…why fix it?!  Right?!
Hope you enjoyed this Audio Tutorial, leave your questions below!

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  1. says

    Since you now love the Iphone5 it would be great if you provided a video on accessories you recommend. What’s the best mic for Iphone5, what adapters do we need, what LED light would you recommend… and what extra lens. I just spent the afternoon trying to sort all this out. And after a wasted trip to Best Buy, they had NOTHING! Finally ordered what I think will work. Please note, I am a computer nerd not a video/audio expert.

  2. says

    Neither Audio Technica products work with my iphone 5s – barely any sound comes out. I purchased all the right adapters and KV connections adapter specifically for iphone and they won’t work. Waste of time and money.

  3. Luc says

    Sir, good day: I saw the vid microphones. Question: VHF wireless audio Technica has law frequencies (170 MHz .) there is with Sony and Sennheiser higher UHF frequencies. VHF and UHF … What is now better in use concerning the surroundings as hospital, tv channels etc. I live in Belgium. The audio Technica wireless: there are a lot in the market, yours is pro 70 and what I see now on Internet is the audio Technica pro88w VHF etc. You promote the pro 70, means that that the audio Technica pro 70 is the best option? To remember my other question: what about VHF in my country Belgium? Last what you think of the Sony ECM AW4 Bluetooth ?
    Has Bluetooth receivers lower level? Last : what about stereo, have you ever try two receivers connected with “Y” adapter on your DSLR? Using two Lavalier left and right on your chest connected on two receivers most be giving great stereo or have it wrong? I have seen it in an YouTube video using two Sony ECM AW 3. Anyway I can’t sleep this night in Belgium and hope I write little acceptable cause I do not have to power to check the reaction I wrote…. Luc

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  5. Mel says

    Hi. Whats the nest microphone to do screen recording?

    Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

    Same thing could be used for screen recording?

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