Domain Scalping REVIEW – Cheezy Marketing Sells?

Domain Scalping Review: the following is my honest attack on Ryan Deiss’s latest product “Domain Scalping.”  If you see a LINK to the product on my site its my affiliate link that helps me pay ‘dem billz!

Don’t Hate the Player-Hate the Game!

QUESTION: Does cheezy marketing exist because marketers are sleazeballs or because people actually buy into that stuff?  Well…if you find yourself buying everything that comes on tv at 2:00am in the morning, please cover your eyes for this next part…

The answer is YES!!  Marketers go all out “corny” and “cheezy” because it works! People buy cheesy! (Sad, I know)

Ryan Deiss’s newest product is no exception!  He is one smart dude, and he has a another GREAT Product on his hand!  BUT if I didn’t mention the “corny” marketing angle he took on this one, I wouldn’t be doing this review any justice!!

So What is Domain Scalping?

Ryan Deiss’s newest product, Domain Scalping is a step-by-step “Business-in-a-Box” program for how to successfully flip (buy and sell) domains to offline businesses who are willing to pay da’ big bucks for them!  I went through the entire course, I have implemented this strategy into my business and I am already seeing excellent results & BIG potential! I WILL make money from this and it is very, very scalable!


  1. This is an EASY concept-and it works!
  2. It stands alone as an actual business model-it’s not just another shiny red ball or distracting Google Tactic!
  3. It is EXTREMELY scalable and easy to make ton of dough!
  4. The course is cheap!  This is one of those courses where you will only FAIL if you simply don’t take action!  I took action!  I already getting bites for a $400 domain!!
  5. This isn’t going anywhere! This is not a trend or a fad!  With +600,000 new businesses a year, the demand for high-quality domains can only increase!

The BAD:

The course is way too long!  Domain Flipping is a relatively simple concept.  Buy domain, sell for more.  Make a profit!  The course goes into way too much detail and I found myself getting lost in information I already new.  It was created for a total newbie I guess.


I do NOT like Deiss’s video salesletter!  You have to watch the video to see what I’m talking about.  But he immediately talks about how he learned this strategy from a “Dead Guy.”  The dead guy is the dude who made big bucks during the Gold Rush selling shovels to the gold-seekers.  That then becomes his analogy for Domain Flipping.  In other words, anyone trying to make money online is just a gold-digging opportunity seeker, and the real money is in just selling the domains.

…hmmm, the more I think about…that sounds about right!

HAHA!  Ok, go check out the video for yourself right here:


I give Domain Scalping 4 STARS!  GREAT content, even GREATER business model to add to your existing business!  But I thought the course was a little too long and diluted!  Bottom line: Whether you get this course or another one like it, Domain Flipping is WORTH checking into!

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