How to Get MASSIVE Results-FAST!

Want to see MORE results in your business & online efforts? This post was inspired by the countless “gurus” and marketers out there who are literally beating the mantra of “Take Massive Action!” into your head until you are sick! These marketers are very well-intentioned, the problem is that most people just take things a little too literally. Anyone can take action.  In fact, a lot us take action (stay busy) to avoid what we really need to be doing! (uh, guilty!)

Is this you? Have you ever cleaned out your car or run some pointless errands when all the while you knew you needed to be doing something a little bit more pressing and important?  It is easy for us to create our own mental hurdles or blocks, and one way of denying that they exist is by keeping ourselves as busy as possible with something else…but isn’t that taking “massive action?”

YES…by definition it is taking massive action…it’s just in the wrong direction!

Suddenly I’m reminded of the classic story of the little bumble-bee who keeps banging his head against the glass looking for a way out, and there was an opening the size of a semi-tuck three feet to his right.  Or there’s Tony Robbin’s example of the guy who is dead-set on seeing his first sunset, yet he keeps trying to run East to make it happen.  (That’s gonna be a LOT of runnin’!)

Think about it, if you started your online business today, you could spend the next three months (I’m talking full-time months) setting up Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, getting your fancy little logo made, worrying about your business name, the branding, etc.  At the end of those three months, you can be right where you were when you started: $0.00 in sales or profits. ..even though you took A LOT of action! (Views, Likes & retweets don’t pay the bills!)

Reminder: The shortest distance between two points is a straight sale (you thought I’d say “line” didn’t ya?!), not a new logo design.

You don’t want Action-You Want Results!

If you focus on “taking massive action,” you’re also assuming that making money, being successful & growing your business takes A LOT of work!  What if you could make a lot of money (ethically, of course) without taking a whole TON of action…would that be ok? I say “yes!”

In that case, what you truly need to focus on are getting MASSIVE RESULTS.  That is truly all that matters.  In over four years of building my business online, I have prided myself on building a system and a foundation for getting results quickly and effortlessly-without forcing me to be taking massive action (which I translate to hours and hours of working really hard).

As an entreprenuer, we are always full of new ideas, right?  What you need is a system in place that will allow you to effortlessly take that intangible idea in your head and make it a physical reality on paper. The magic is in how fast you can do that! Below, I have provided you with a three step process that will help you decrease YOUR action input and dramatically increase your RESULTS output.

Here we go…

1.  Identify Your Goals

Ok, if I haven’t done a good enough job thus far, I want to drive home the point that taking “action” is not enough.  I’d go so far as to completely re-frame the word as simply running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (or a bee banging it’s head against the glass).  You want RESULTS!

So what are results?

Well, a goal of any business is to make a profit (as much profit as possible!).  As a solo-entrepreneur or small business owner, your goal really is the same.  Therefor, when looking for results, you usually want to define them as identifiable measures of profit.  Anything that truly measures progress in your business is a result you want.  This can include more traffic, new leads & of course, increased sales!  Results can include other things as well, such as the launching of a new product or service, but their should always be some sort of obtainable goal attached to it (a unit of measure and a deadline). In other words, you should know EXACTLY when you have gotten those results!!

So what is your goal?

Let’s say you want to increase your subscribers by 1,000 by July 1st.

(note: this is not a lesson on goal-setting-it’s one on goal-accomplishing really.  But it should be a no-brainer that to get results, you must have obtainable, tangible goals in place that are both “dated” and measurable. For example: I want X! Well, how will you know when you have X?) Do you have a goal?  Do this now and we’ll proceed to step #2.

2. Create A strategy for Implementing Your Goals

Ok, so now you have a goal of increasing your subscriber list by 1,000.  Obviously, when you accomplish this goal, you’ve done a pretty good job of getting massive results, right?  Your result IS more loyal subscribers to read your content and buy your products!  But “HOW” we do this is the big question now. We need a strategy.  Plain & simple. Although most people get confused about the definition of a strategy, it’s simply the big-picture conceptualization of your “HOW.”

Example:  “How are you going to get 1,000 new subscribers to your list?”

Answer: “By hosting & promoting content-rich webinars” or “giving a way a free piece of software” or “add your example here”

The answer to your “how” becomes your strategy.  It is your overall “plan of attack!” Identify your strategy in this step, and we are ready to proceed to the final step!

3.  Implement a System of Obtaining Your Results

This final step is the truly the one that will help you produce the most results with the least amount of effort.  (I think this is what you’ve been waiting for!) Step #3 is all about the leveraging of a system. With the Internet, we are truly blessed with automated software and low-cost services that allow processes to be implemented for us.  This is absolutely essential if you want to remain successful.  You need to keep the high-level C.E.O. position, and let the step-by-step details of your business be handled by someone (or something) else!

The answer is all in the magic of “systems!”  Let’s take a look at email marketing software(ex. Aweber)-an absolute staple for any marketer today.  And, it’s a system! Think about it: someone registers for your e-newsletter and they are automatically sent an email everyday for the next seven days in your autoresponder series.  Imagine if you had to do that yourself!  Seriously…what if you had to message one-by-one each of your new subscribers all day long depending on when they opted-in…NIGHTMARE, right?!  Your email marketing software is a system.  And it frees up a lot of your time!

What other systems can we implement in your business? Well, unfortunately software can’t do it ALL.  But that’s where “outsourcing” comes in.  Virtual Assistants are quickly becoming essential if you want to keep up with the ever-changing Internet and it’s evolving technology.  And yes, you can get a V.A. for as little as $1.50 per hour from the Philippines!

So, the problem that people have when they outsource is that they just don’t have that “systems-mindset.”  If you hire a new V.A. today and spend five hours training him to install WordPress, you may see that as a BIG waste of your time.  Except if you can see the big picture, you’ll quickly recognize that the next time he needs to install WordPress for you, he’ll do it in 20 minutes, and you never have to explain a thing!

BUT…that’s what the “average marketer” does.  They don’t think past this one virtual assistant.  What you need is to create a training video or process map that ANYONE can access and immediately learn so you don’t have to spend five more hours on training the next assistant.  Make sense?

Essentially, everything you do (all that massive action) needs to be organized into a replicatable (the key word!) system so that anyone can come in and repeat the process without taking more precious time away from you!

I like to envision my business as me standing in front of a giant switch board.  When I need something done (a result!), I can implement it by simply flipping a switch or two.  It may take some time to program what those switches actually do initially, but once they are set up, I can push them at any time and BOOM-results show up!

To give some tangible examples, I have provided some of the systems I’ve created in my business below…

Remember: Your goal should always be to implement quickly (with little work on your part) so you can obtain that measurable result as soon as possible!

System 1.  Writing Blog Posts

I simply write all of my blog posts in an email and forward it off to a Virtual Assistant & inform him to perform my “blog process.”  This consists of uploading the post to my blog, formatting it, publishing the post, and even bookmarking it on +50 sites.  This is a complete step-by-step system in place with no room for error or mistake on the behalf of my assistant.

System 2.  Uploading New Videos

This is a similar process as the last one.  I use and simply drop my new videos into a folder, and my V.A. knows exactly what to do next in order to upload and promote.

System 3.  Customer Support

This is really important!  I created a complex system that diagnosed all of the various “issues” that could arise with a customer and their order and created templated emails and solutions for my assistant to use when new tickets come in.

The list goes on!  I have systems in place for…

  • How I communicate and assign tasks to my V.A.’s
  • How I create & promote my live webinars
  • How I create a new blog, salesletter or other misc. webpage
  • How I get my videos designed, created and edited
  • How I get content created, published & promoted
  • How I get backlinks, an increase SEO efforts

…and much, much more!

Everything is designed to help me achieve more FASTER by doing less.  And the most important reason is that the ideas flow better when you free yourself from all of the step-by-step action items.  Think about it…when did that last great idea for a new product or software solution come to you?  Chances are you were in the shower or while you were driving long distance. This is because your mind was free to be creative!  It never, ever happens while you’re stuck in the middle of an assignment spending all of your mental energy working on how to fix that darn code on your website.

So, stop focusing on trying to take as much action as possible and begin to see which actionable-items will produce the BIGGEST results in the shortest amount of time-and them systematize the entire process.  When it’s systematized-it’s replicatable.  When it’s replicatable, you can put your results on auto-pilot!  …and that thar be a good thing!

I’d love to hear about something you are systemetizing your business so that you are getting massive results with little effort.  Please comment below (and include your website for some backlinking-love!)



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  1. says

    Love this post! So much great information! I always get caught up in the ‘busy’ work taking time from getting Massive results. Thanks so much for your insight James!

  2. says


    I’ve been falling you for a little while now on YouTube. I’m very interested in your products but what I wanted to know was does your system include a system to setup for keeping track of taxes

  3. says

    One problem i find especially with starting something new is that even one action is taken if one does not begin with the end in mind.

    If they cannot see where they are going and do not know how long it takes to get there they get very easily discouraged and demotivated.

    So its not really the difficulty of the task but the uncertainty that comes with it

  4. says

    It really does hold true that its not really the difficulty of the task but the uncertainty that comes with it that is sometimes the triggering factor for minor setbacks in terms of a VA’s performance. It becomes the cause to be demotivated and discouraged that’s why if you want your VA to work smoothly and deliver quality output on a consistent frequency, then you really ought to communicate with them on a regular basis. This way deadlines are clear and goals or objectives are vivid to them. Not explaining the end-goal oftentimes causes rather chaotic consequences which can hurt the work relationship you and your VA has.

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