How to Set Goals that you Actually Accomplish

With the beginning of a whole new year fast approaching, NOW is the time to start looking forward and planning what you’re up to in 2016 and beyond.  And a GOAL is simply something that gives you a direction and focus.  However, most people struggle with the simple act of creating and setting goals, and if even more people struggle just trying to accomplish what they set out to do.

I’m here to offer a better solution to setting and accomplishing goals.  I feel there is something missing when most people write down “financial numbers” with a “by when” date.  If you find yourself discouraged that your goals never become your reality, then I invite you to watch this week’s video which will seem a LITTLE counter-intuitive to what we’ve all been taught about Goal-Setting!

VIDEO: Why Goal-Setting Doesn’t Work and How to REALLY Accomplish Anything!

Are you choosing Action-Oriented Goals, or are you writing them down and just hoping that you will achieve them?

Right now you might be focusing on intangible, or dollar-based goals, but what you need to do is remove the money from the equation and focus on Actionable goals. Your actionable goal, is the how or what steps you need to take to actually accomplish the goals you set for your business or life. Removing the financial aspects of your goals will allow you to focus what your project or promotion is really about. From there I introduce the 3 types of goals I use anytime I am goal setting. These are the “Hairy Scary, Middle of the Road, and Wimpy” goals.

Many people are afraid to set their goals too high, in an effort to avoid failure. Don’t sell yourself short! This method works, and the thought behind separating your goal into the three “Hairy Scary, Middle of the Road, and Wimpy” goals allows you to be honest with your self. The Hairy Scary goal is the goal that you might be embarrassed to share. This is the goal that would make your launch or product wildly successful in your opinion. It is the goal that if you shared with a family member or friend, they would think you are crazy. The Middle of the Road goal is what you would consider a success, but could have been better. The Wimpy goal is the minimum amount you need to not consider your result a failure.

Setting financial goals is the first step, but we need to remove the money. So, now that you have written out your financial goal, you need the “by when” date, right? The key to successful goal setting is being as specific as possible as to how you will achieve this goal or what steps you need to take in order to meet your financial goals. These specific action items are your real goals. These are items that, very simply put, you either do, or you don’t. If you do these items, meeting your goals should be a done deal, but if you don’t you will struggle.

Remember, you aren’t bad at setting goals! You know how to set goals, and you know how to accomplish them. So, go out and DO IT!

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