How to Write the PERFECT Title for Your YouTube Video

There is a direct correlation between your ability to write GREAT copy and the amount of traffic, leads and sales you have in your business.  Whether you’re creating a video, hosting a podcast, or publishing an intergalactic Holographic show(one day!), you must FIGHT for the attention of that audience!  (Squirrel!) Providing “value” is NOT enough.  REPEAT:  Creating Content of HIGH VALUE is NOT ENOUGH!!  You MUST convey the value of that information to your viewers.  That’s marketing.  And it’s your ONLY job.

Your prospects and customers can’t possibly value something until you tell them WHY it’s valuable.  Let me demonstrate with a completely random, “off-the-top-of-my-head” example.

I decide to create a video showing people how to drink a gallon of water a day.  I have some cool tricks on where to get water, how to store it, and how to drink it.  But still…at the end of the day, it’s just a video on how to drink a gallon of water…who friggin’ cares?! (This is where the WHY comes in)

What if I told you that in a recent study (that I completely made up for this example), it has been scientifically proven that drinking a gallon of water a day will add up to 20 years to your life.  You’ll be happier, healthier and have way more energy!  Hmm…now you may be interested…yes?  NOW you may actually watch the video.

Whether it’s a headline, title or billboard, you must FIRST get the attention of your audience with a benefit-conveying, curiosity-provoking statement.   Use Fear, Pain, Pleasure, Benefits, Numbers (3 steps, 5 Ways, etc) or Curiosity to draw your viewers in…and if your video (or holographic show) is any good, they’ll stick.  And if they stick around to the end, they’ll take ya up on that call-to-action of yours (more copywriting!) and move down your funnel.  This all makes sense, right?


But there’s one problem…Even the BEST written Video title is completely worthless if it never even gets seen in the first place!!  So, what do we do here?  This is where my strategy of Keyword Relevancy comes in.  This strategy, is simple, it works, and it’s allowed me to grow my business from scratch in little time.  And it comes down to one simple statement:

If you know exactly what your ideal customer is searching for on YouTube & Google, simply create RELEVANT content, and YOUR videos will get found.

This is called Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it’s the process of getting your videos ranked in Google & YouTube for relevant keywords that you know your ideal customer is typing.  Using our random example above, I could head over to the Google Keyword Tool, and do a quick search…

Let’s say I find two keywords with the following results:

a. How to Drink a Gallon of Water (978 monthly searches)
b. How to Live Longer (134,000 monthly searches)

…does it become apparent which keyword I should choose?  “How to Live Longer” is searched FAR more, and will result in more exposure and more views.  But knowing that copywriting is crucial, I would probably still tweak this title a bit.  I would add a bit of curiosity to the title like this:

How to Live Longer using this simple trick

So, to wrap up this post on “How to Write the Perfect Video Headline,” here’s the formula I highly recommend:

Step #1. Find a RELEVANT, highly-searched and highly-targeted keyword phrase

Step #2: Add this keyword phrase to the beginning of your YouTube Video Title

Step #3: End the Title with a Benefit-Driven, or Curiosity-Provoking Statement

I also put together a video answering this question with a few more examples, enjoy!

How to Write the PERFECT TITLE for Your Next YouTube Video

How to Write a Title

 I’d LOVE to know your thoughts, comments and questions on this, please type them beloowwwww!  Thanks!!

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