Pitfall #237 of the Entrepreneur: Keep it Simple!

There are many roadblocks (mental & physical) we face as an entrepreneur (lack of funds, lack of experience/know-how, lack of encouragement & support, self-doubt, etc).

Ironically, most (if not all!) of these “pitfalls” come from within, not without. We tend to be the saboteur of our own businesses, incomes, and destinies, not anyone else!

Although it’s hard to point the finger of blame at ourselves, it also means that we are in complete control over our results, our failures, and of course, our successes! (That’s a good thing!) Let’s take a moment to identify one of the many “pitfalls” entrepreneurs may face (myself included!), and how we can eliminate this self-sabotaging issue right away!


Pitfall #237: Entrepreneurs Over-Complicate Things!


If you see yourself struggling in your online business because…

  • You’re trying to keep up with every product launch, software solution or traffic strategy;
  • You’re never satisfied with your current level of perfection;
  • You’re simply overwhelmed into paralysis and don’t take any action;

…then you may be suffering from over-complication-itis! It’s real folks! AND it’s serious!

If you over-complicate your business, you’ll always feel like you’re racing to “keep up.” You’ll get overwhelmed, and eventually you’ll burn out! (Not good!)

The Two Reasons You’re Broke:

I recently attended a marketing seminar in Las Vegas where I saw Loral Langemeier speak. She is an author, coach & entrepreneur who helps others become wealthy by becoming entrepreneurs. Dubbed the “Millionaire Maker,” she bluntly states that there are two reasons you don’t have the money and the income you desire:

1. You don’t talk to enough people
2. You don’t ask for it!

I LOOOVE it! So simple right?! If you want to increase your income, simply network more and sell more! Well, this is where I had the lightbulb go off in my head: How could I translate this to internet marketing?

If you are not happy with your current income level in your online business, there are two reasons:

1. Traffic (you’re not talking to enough people)
2. Conversions (you’re not asking for it)

They’re exactly the same!

It’s that SIMPLE! ?You really only need two things, traffic & conversion, or as Loral puts it, talking to people and asking for money!

What can you do to increase your traffic and improve your conversions?

The answer to more money in 2011 could be as simple as adding a new traffic source (PPC, Banner Ads, affiliates) or selling a new product (coaching, ebooks, memberships, upsells)! Don’t over-complicate things in your business! Whenever you begin to sense that feeling of complete overwhelm, just remember, “The success of my business comes down to traffic & conversions! How can I increase both?”

The Problem with Perfection!

Perfection is another pitfall of entrepreneurs, and it is why we over-complicate things! Everything has to be perfect! The problem is, perfect never comes, does it? You’re never happy with what you currently have, and you therefore never launch it, release it and share it with the World!

Well, here is a new way to look at that unattainable level of perfection:


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In other words…perfection comes when it couldn’t be any simpler!

What are you going to do in your business to simplify things for you once and for all?

Asking myself this very question, I discovered I was paying for three separate email marketing software solutions…WHY? Way too complicated! So I merged the three into one!

How can you simplify things?!

To risk being cliche, I’ll leave you with the acronym that I first heard from my 2nd grade teacher: K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Enough Said!

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  1. says

    I noticed it’s not all of the same stuff that keep people on interest is starting to get boring but a way is to start mixing up the traffic that you have and talking to kids/teens’ parents or colloge students and other entrepreneurs. And talking As a friend not as a business person, this is something that will let them know that hey hello this guy doesn’t just care about his business and making alot of money his cares more about the client and their satifaction of the company and their services. See it’s alright even great that now you have good traffic and a great way to communicate with people but now you won’t get everything you need to ask for the stuff you want not at like Christmas when you were a little kid but as an adult you need somehing ask around don’t be the guy who thinks everything is going to come to you in time go and get what you need what you want go after it. That’s how I took a approach on life and everything is going great for me and I have alot of clients every month!

  2. says

    Hi James. Great post and the bit that struck a chord with me was “You’re trying to keep up with every product launch, software solution or traffic strategy;”

    This is the bit that kills most people i think and to stay focused on traffic strategies that are working is the priority i am using video and it works just fine Cheers matey from NZ

  3. says

    Great tips, James! In the past, I’ve fallen into the perfectionist category occasionally, because I want my writing to be perfect. The trouble is, it never gets published if you do that. So I learned to let go and do the best job I can instead.

    Simplifying is also my major goal now. It’s so important not to make more work for yourself than needed, since 60 percent of being an entrepreneur is marketing your business.

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