Look Ma! I’m Video-Blogging (Part 1 of 3)

I’m not here to waste any of your time, just to share with you EXACTLY what I have learned (what’s working and what’s NOT!) with Video and Video-BLOGGING! Over the next week or so, I will be writing a few blog posts on my new blog (this one!) going into your action plan and some cool secret ninja tricks for getting the most out of your Video Blogging Strategy! But first…

why video bloggingWHY Video Blogging:

I have a ton of reasons, some are based on statistics, some on results, and some on that gut instinct that we all have inside of us. Let’s take a look at some now…

  • Youtube receives over 2 Billion Views a day (and it is ONLY 55% of the total video-website Market Share) Are 4 Billion videos REALLY being watched every day?
  • Youtube is the SECOND largest search engine! Your Youtube videos can now be indexed in Google, and people are goiong to Youtube for tutorials and other visual information…are they finding you?
  • 80% of Internet-Users have seen at LEAST one Youtube video, AND the average Youtuber spends 15 min A DAY on Youtube.

With Social Media (and sites like FB and Twitter) getting sooo much attention, YOUTUBE seems to be ignored by most marketers, but to me, VIDEO is the final piece of the equation to help turn you from “noise in the crowd” to “Authority with an Audience.”

Personally, I did a simple Video-Blogging series in one of my niches and was able to DOUBLE traffic to my site because of this. My business partner Dave Powers begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting of RCPowers.com gets 60,000-80,000 views a day and drives traffic to his site where he sells +350 ebooks a month! Another client of mine follows the 80/20 rule. 80% of his traffic and leads come from Youtube and he makes $150/day with one $40 ebook!

BOTTOM LINE: Video Blogging gets you MORE exposure, more traffic, backlinks, content and everything else you need to be successful online.

So…now that I KNOW you are READY to do some video blogging, let’s get started shall we?

The FoundationThe FOUNDATION:

In this article, we are just going to touch upon the basics of getting started so that you can build the proper foundation for your video blogging campaign.

Your Strategy

There is no better place to start than with your STRATEGY! What is your objective and goal and HOW are you going to accomplish it? In a nutshell, (and please modify your strategy as you feel fit to) your strategy consists of:

  1. Upload your videos to Youtube
  2. Add Videos to Your Blog
  3. Drive Traffic from Google and Youtube
  4. Get People to Take Action

It’s simple right? Use the videos to create content, and use Google and Youtube as traffic generators and get people to take action on your website! Let’s carry on to…

Market Research

This is the least sexiest topic but MOST valuable! You must know your market EXTREMELY well for video blogging to work. Essentially you must know two things:

  • What information your market wants to acquire
  • What keywords they are using to find that information

Using tools such as the Google Keyword tool or Market Samurai, you can build up a powerful list of keywords which will begin to serve as your content creation outline.

If you teach your market how to start their very own Lemonade stand, you may find that your market is searching for keywords such as “lemonade recipes” or “how to price my lemonade” etc. THESE keywords become the topics for each of your videos.

When you know what your keywords are, you can simply put them in your video TITLES and DESCRIPTIONS to help get them found easier.

NOTE: As Youtube begins to roll out their “hearing impaired” function, they are transcribing all of the dialog in every video, so make sure YOU use the keywords in your actual video!!

BOTTOM LINE: Take the time to do your market research and identify your market’s most popular keywords. Then turn that into video content!

Business Model

Ok, this step is huge, and most people forget this!! Remember, there is NO “Views Store” where you can make money just because you have views (the Youtube Partner Program is not profitable unless you are hitting videos in the six figure range on a consistent basis)

Video Blogging is simply a tactic. It needs to be able to plug into your business model. This means, you MUST have some form of lead generation (email capture) function OR an “Add to Cart” button at some point in the process.

Here is what I recommend for the average info-marketer.

Set up a Squeeze Page with your Free Offer (could be a special video or report) and link it to your blog. Make an inticing offer on your blog so that your visitors will easily hop on over to the squeeze page. THEN, add your blog URL to the beginning of your descriptions on ALL of your Youtube videos. Lastly, you want to make sure that each of your Youtube Videos are embedded onto your blog as individual posts.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t even think of putting out videos if you don’t have some type of marketing funnel in place FIRST!

Technology & Tools

You’re obviously gonna need some sort of video camera and editing software before continuing any further. Don’t let this step scare you. You can get started with a webcam and your default editing software. Remember, the more expensive you get with equipment, the more steps involved.

I recommend the Kodak Zi8 and iMovie 09 from Apple. But heck, you can even use your iPhone 4G video camera and upload straight to Youtube. The real secret is NOT in the quality of your videos, but in the quality of your CONTENT!

Are You ready to get started?

This should be enough to get you started. Make a plan, do your market research and make sure you have the proper tools necessary to hit the ground running!

In the next post, we are going to go into some specific details as to how you can efficiently create your videos and syndicate them across the web in minutes.

And then we are going to hit into the super-SECRET tricks that I personally use that really, REALLY make the difference! It’s gonna knock your little socks off!!

But first…

There is +90 pages of pure video blogging goodness in Gideon Shalwick’s new video blogging report. It’s totally free and it is a MUST-READ before we continue. So, what are ya waiting for? Go grab it now!

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