11 Things To Outsource for Just $5

Outsourcing is essential for your business!  This post is all about how you can outsource some crucial tasks and very unique projects to people for just $5.00.  This amazing opportunity is available at a little website called Fiverr.com

What is Fiverr.com?

Personally, I still don’t know how this website could be a success (there is very little I would do for $5.00).  Fiverr.com is a website that brings together people who are willing to do almost anything for just $5.00 with people who are looking for cheap stuff.  Just about any type of task is available on Fiverr.com from creating a logo for your business to singing your friend a song on their birthday.

Even though there is a lot of clutter and noise on this website, there are plenty of ways you can profit in your business by outsourcing specific tasks for just $5.00.  Below is a list of the hidden gold found within this website.  And it can all be yours for just $5.00 a task.

10 Tasks To Grow Your Business for Just $5.00

1.  eBook Cover

Need a quick graphic or product image made but don’t want to spend an arm & a leg doing it?  Fiverr.com is your answer!  Just make sure you supply your five dollar designer with as much direction and creative input as you can!

2. Article Writing

Yes, article marketing still works!  It is great for backlinking (gets your site ranked higher) and still funnels a bit of traffic to your site!  If you hate writing (like most marketers), here is your chance to outsource every article for $5 AND have each article targeted for one of your specific keywords!  How cool is that?

3. Bookmark Submission

Bookmarking , backlinking and all that other tedious, mind-numbing junk that can weigh you down is absolutely essential for your business-but should never (ever!) be done by you!  Play around on Fiverr for a few diffeent “bookmarking” services, find someone you like and keep paying them $5 for all your work!

4. Video Creation

We know that Youtube rocks, right?!  It is considered the World’s second largest Search Engine and it can bring floods of new traffic to your site every single day!  Awesome…except for that fact that YOU have to make videos…well, not anymore!  A quick search on Fiverr will produce results for kids that are willing to take your existing article and turn it into a simple powerpoint video with music and pictures!  How cool is that?!

5. Youtube Views

Staying on the topic of Youtube, one of the frustrations marketers face is no youtube views!  So, how do you get more views to your videos?!  The big secret answer is…MORE VIEWS!  Youtube promotes videos that have more views, more comments and more activity!  (Is that a Catch 22, or what?) Well, the good news is now you can buy your way out of this problem at just $5 at a time.  On Fiverr, you’ll find all sorts of Youtube services from established Youtubers who will promote your video to services and bots that artificially ping your video to increase views…they all work…and they all cost five bucks!

6. Facebook Likes

At +600 million (I think that’s the right number) members, Facebook is a targeted pool of traffic at your disposal!  For  $5.00,  now you can leverage other Facebook users, profiles and fan pages to promote your product service or website!  Just search on Fiverr for “Facebook” and see how many wonderful opportunities come up!

7. Social Media Promoting

Just like the previous example, you can find Fiverr offers for just about any social networking service from Facebook to Twitter & Linkedin, even Digg, Stumbleupon, you name it!  All of these $5.00 offers are designed to get you more traffic to your website!

8.  Branded Video Bumpers

This one is my favorite!  Nothing is better than a 3-6 second “bumper” (the industry term) or branded video that showcases your brand/logo and differentiates you from the amateurs out there who can’t afford to spend $5.00 on their business.  For just $5.00, you can get a little video intro  piece that starts off all of your videos (from product videos to youtube videos and everything in between) on the right foot!  Seriously, I can’t stress enough, there is something magical about a little intro video with music and sound effects!  This is $5.00 that is a no-brainer to part with.

9.  Transcription Services

One of the back-pocket ninja-secrets of a successful info-marketer is their uncanny ability to re-purpose their content.  All of a sudden, an audio interview can become a video and .pdf transcript as well.  You can get all of your audios transcribed for just $5.00 now…which I imagine is going to put some people out of business pretty soon!

10. Programming/Script Work

Need a quick fix on your WordPress blog, but don’t know how to do it?  Need to install a new script, but don’t have hours to figure it out yourself?  Well…do you have $5??  There are tons of Fiverr offers for smart little whiz-kids dying to do your dirty programming work for $5 a pop.  Worth it!

11.  Link Wheel

Saving the best for last?  Eh…maybe!  Like I mentioned early, proper backlinking is essential to ramping up your natural traffic in the Google machine.  On Fiverr, we can let other people create an entire link wheel of sites and content on the Internet that is surrounded around your keyword and your topic, and the best part is…it all points back to your site…which Google loves!  Just search Fiverr for “link wheel” and see what you find!

Additional Fiverr Tips!

Ok, so above are just 11 ways that I have used Fiverr.com in recent months to boost my biz with minimal effort!  There are probably 345 others ways that you can use Fiverr for your business…I’m just not that clever-so get creative and have fun! I will end this post with some additional tips that should help save some time, money and frustration when using the site…do not skip this section unless you like wasting your resources.

1.  It’s just $5.00

It’s $5.00…so, you get what you pay for.  Fiverr is designed to help you save some time and some money with quick and simple tasks that you just don’t want to perform yourself.  But remember, “you get what you pay for!”  Don’t expect the World from that $5 graphic designer or article writer.  If you want perfection, go somewhere else and pay more!  And don’t forget…a $5.00 lesson is a steal of a deal!

2.  Build the System

My goal with Fiverr is not to spend a lot of time on there!  I want to cut out the middle-man as soon as possible!  If I find a good guy on Fiverr, I quickly try and hire him or her outside of Fiverr so we can work more frequently, and I can plug him into my system.  You must do the same!  When you find someone who produces good work-hold onto them!

3.  Review the User’s Feedback

This is a gimme-but check for negative feedback from users before placing your order.  This can save you lots of time and headache

4.  Shop Around!

When you find your first good deal on Fiverr, save it and keep shopping.  Chances are there will be even better deals just around the corner!

5.  Always be as clear as possible!

Don’t leave anything up to chance with someone you hire.  Be clear, give specific instructions and leave no room for error.

6.  Have Fun!

Fiverr can be very fun and addictive!  So play around with it, have some fun, but don’t let it take up your hours and hours of your day (haha!)



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  1. says

    Wow – this is one of the most useful posts I’ve even seen – and if your video package I just bought is as good as this, I’m psyched! (And I don’t psyche easily…) 😉

    Ariane of smARTist

  2. says

    I love Fiverr – I’ve spent about $120 there. Just remember that some people will upsell you (fair enough) for additional elements to your job – some are a bit too aggressive in my opinion.

    I’ve had some amazing successes with it and some totally average things too. But as you said, it’s very little lost!

    And if anyone is thinking of posting anything on Fiverr, only post jobs that you can batch fairly easily.

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