Rapid Video Blogging REVIEW (Part 2 of 3)

Are you ready for some more Rapid Video Blogging goodness?

I have been following Gideon Shalwick’s Video Blogging launch rather closely as he reveals some amazing content! His first content-giveaway was his MASSIVE +90 Video Blogging REPORT. As I know your time is very valuable, I have taken the time to review it and distill the information to a few key bullet points, lessons and take-aways in this blog post.

If you want to learn how Gideon increased his video views to +250,000 and built up a list of over 27,000 and make over $300,000 with the power of video, then at the VERY LEAST, you need to read this Rapid Video Blogging REVIEW. If you like what you see, I highly recommend you continue on and read his FREE +90 page report here: http://www.VideoCopyPro.com/blog/videoblogging

So, let’s go ahead and get started, shall we?

Gideon’s Strategy

So, HOW exactly is Gideon using video to get all this traffic and make all this money? Here is his super-simple strategy!

(Youtube + Blog + List Building) x Growth Strategies = Exposure & Money!

In a nutshell, use Youtube to drive traffic to your blog, build your list and make sales. Easy, right?!

Let’s continue…

The Hedgehog Concept

I loved this! If you are at all familiar with Jim Collins’ book Good to GREAT, you just may be familiar with the Hedgehog Concept. Essentially, it is about finding the point at which your PASSION, your SKILLS and MAXIMUM PROFITS intersrect!

In this concept, Gideon goes on to share that you will be successful in video blogging (or anything else in business) if you focus on a) what you are MOST passionate about; b) What you can be the best at in the World; and c) something that can be highly profitable!

While performing market research for your next “idea,” put your project through this simple three question test, and see if it passes!

The Answer is GOOD & FAST

One of the big things I picked up from The Rapid Video Blogging report was that you don’t need to be the BIG company with the BIG budget to “win!” In fact, it is the marketer who is FASTEST who wins the race. Getting your videos from an idea in your head and out onto the Internet needs to happen quickly if you want an edge over your competition. Obviously RAPID video blogging is all about doing that quickly. But Gideon also shares the concept of “Good is good enough!” In this concept, Gideon shares that you don’t need PERFECT quality videos that go through hours of production and editing time. Just film, upload and share! Make it good and make it fast!!

Content is STILL King!

Content is still the KING-it’s just in a different format=VIDEO! You can dump your brain onto a thought-provoking, content-rich video and it can easily go viral and be shared with people at the click of a button. Even better, your videos can even be re purposed for both audio and text! But more importantly, video will also allow you to connect better with your audience. It is REAL, authentic and emotionally powerful! But my favorite reason for using video for content generation is that Google loooooves VIDEO and is ranking it very highly in search results!!

iTunes Magic!

Ok, one of the coolest take-aways I picked up on was Gideon’s strategy for uploading his content to iTunes! I am currently NOT doing this at all, and Gideon has seen MASSIVE success by doing so! So, start taking your content and uploading it to iTunes for syndication as well!

video blogging

OTHER Cool Things Gideon Shares in his REPORT:

-The best wordpress Video Blogging themes fro SEO
-The ESSENTIAL list of WordPress Plugins
-How to do Keyword Research
-How to Optimize Your Youtube Channel & Videos
-How to INCREASE Your Views and Conversions!

And so much more!

I was really blown away by this report! Gideon did a fantastic job giving away some AMAZING content. If you are even considering doing ANYTHING with Video in your marketing, you CAN NOT go another day without reading this report from cover to cover. This is not hype or BS! Gideon’s report is FREE but incredible!

Use my affiliate link below and get your hands on the Rapid Video Blogging Report! Thank you for reading my review and enjoy the report!


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