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Why is music such an important topic to discuss?  The right song can move you to tears, make you smile, or inspire you into action.  …but there’s something bigger here.  YouTube, now more than ever is measuring the QUALITY of your video content.  They now look at key measurements like Audience Retention and Engagement to determine if your video is “worthy” of more views, or if it is destined for the darkest depths of YouTube’s “Video Graveyard.”  Don’t let your videos live out their days in a barren wasteland of no views or traffic.  Raise the bar. Improve your “Video Standards.”  Make Better Videos.

Watch the short video below for some quick tips on Royalty Free Music and how to get it for FREE for your NEXT YouTube video! Enjoy!

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music

Where to Get FREE Royalty Free Music:

I love to use music in my videos.  It fascinates me just how much music can change the tone and the feel of your content.  I own the rights to some Royalty Free Music, and I decided to put together a little package of my “FAV-5” songs just for you!  How can you get the songs for free?  Well, just watch the short video above!

Other Great Royalty Free Music Resources:

Want some great resources for STELLAR music? I have three:

  1.  This is where I go for my TOP NOTCH, high-quality music.  Whenever I am working on a special project, I come here, and I am never dissapointed.  Some of my best music has come from this site.  The problem…the price.  each song is $30…but well worth it!
  2. This is the best all-around site for royalty free music.  They have a huge selection, and it’s still very high quality.  The average price for music here is about $15.
  3. This is where you’ll find the cheapest music.  You can find songs from $5 to $10 a piece, but the quality is only so-so.  You really do get what you pay for.

Quick Tip for using Music in your YouTube Videos:

The following is a quick check list of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your music!

  1. Start with an Intention. The secret to finding great music is know what you’re looking for.  Identify the mood or emotion you want to convey in your video then search your favorite RFM site based on “mood.” (Most sites can filter their searches based on mood or emotion).
  2. Re-purpose your music! I keep all my music in the same folder so I can use it in future videos when the time is right.
  3. Try Before You Buy! Most royalty free music sites allow you to download a “trial” version of the song before purchasing.  Put each song to the test and play it with your video to see if it is THE song.  You won’t know until you match them up and play them together.
  4. Don’t compete with your music. Believe it or not, background music is NOT really meant to be heard.  YOU ARE!  Lower the volume on your background track so it does not compete or distract from YOUR audio (if you are talking of course!)
  5. Duck! It’s just music! Audio Ducking is the function that allows you to lower and raise the volume of your audio tracks.  Keeping your background music low while you are talking is great, but cranking the music back to full volume as soon as you finish talking-or at the end of the video adds a PUNCH to all your videos!!
  6. No Lyrics! Avoid music with lyrics or words. It is very distracting!
  7. Using the White Space:  Music IS great, but it can be ten times more effective when you REMOVE or SILENCE the background music during that “important moment.”  A hypnotic background beat on loop can help carry the video along, but a sudden pause in the music causes a huge pattern interupt and allows you the opportunity to share something big, reveal a big surprise or evoke more curiosity.
  8. There IS such thing as BAD MUSIC. Don’t just add music to your videos, because I told you so! Add it because it is the RIGHT song, and it fits perfectly! There are some crappy songs out there. They will make your videos crappy too.

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    Great ideas in a nice simple layout! Time to go find the perfect music for my videos. Premiumbeat does have some nice tunes. Just spent an hour listening away. Keep the articles and tips coming.


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