The POWER of Telling STORIES (in your marketing)

My FIRST big Marketing/Business Lesson came a few years ago, when I showed up to a client’s office to pitch my marketing services.  In less than 30 seconds, I managed to tell him I could be the “Swiss Army Knife” in his business…in other words: I can do it all (SEO, Copywriting, Design, Traffic, Conversions, etc).  But I noticed a problem as I proudly touted my laundry list of digital skillz.  I could it see it in his eyes, a gear was slipping somewhere in his head.  At the risk of losing this client before he even hired me, I made an executive decision.

I honed in on ONE specific skill.

“But above all, I specialize in Video Marketing,” I confidently declared.

That’s when the gears caught and his eyes widened.  “Ah, gotcha!  You’re the video guy!”    It all clicked.

If you are everything, you are nothing.  Declare your specialty, ignore the rest.  Lesson learned.

My SECOND lesson came when I first shared that story.

You can reveal the most powerful strategies, tips and techniques, but you don’t become real, relatable and likable until you share your uniqueness…and you do this through storytelling.  In fact, every time I share something personal in the “Adventures of James Wedmore,” people seem to connect and engage with these often silly and trivial matters, and sorta forget about the “business advice” and marketing training I offer.

How can you bring your UNIQUENESS to life and let it shine with fascinating stories that you share with your audience?!

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Hmmmm….. Contradictions like this are all around us.  In the marketing/copywriting world, I’ve always seen what appears to be a contradiction at first glance, but the closer you look, you may just discover go hand in hand.

Marketing Principle #1: No one cares about You (your business), it’s about the Customer FIRST.

Marketing Principle #2: Your Personal Story is the most effective way to ENGAGE your audience (We do buy from who we know, like and trust, right?)

How or why would you talk about you, if no one cares about you?

Here’s the answer…

These seemingly contradictory principles are simply complimentary forces that work together in a delicate balance.  You begin your marketing message by focusing on the benefits and outcomes that your customer will have with your product/service.  But you INJECT LIFE into your message when you add the realness of your own personal experience into the mix.  As you share your personal struggles, conflicts and victories, your engaged viewers will automatically (it’s a reflex) imagine themselves in your position.  “I wander what I would do if that happened to me?”

And at the end of the day, it’s your story that makes you memorable when everything else has been forgotten.

Don’t believe me?  At a recent marketing event I spoke at (with over 70 OTHER speakers), I was chosen to be interviewed by Fox News because I was the “bartender who quit his job to start making YouTube Videos.”    …well, actually I was FIRED, but that’s another story for another time.

Go to work on incorporating your story (and the stories of your customers) into your marketing.  Open up, share your flaws, imperfections, and silly quirks that make you YOU!

Thank you for reading this!


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