The “NO” Paradox for Successful Entrepreneurs

Every week I “try” and get in a tennis match with friend & marketer Coach Deb of We always end up talking business lessons and strategies. It took us a year of playing before we realized we should start video taping and sharing some of these “brilliant, bite-size business tips.” Here is our first one…enjoy!

The No Paradox:

To go a bit deeper that the short video above, an entrepreneur is constantly at the mercy of distractions. New ideas, new tactics, business opportunities and more can cause you to lose your focus, overwhelm you and prevent you from every getting anything finished. ?Start with the end in mind, keep you eye on the prize, and say “NO!” to distractions!! It may be very difficult at times, just remember the BIG PICTURE.

While developing your ability to say “no” to distractions, you must also remove the word “no” from registering in your subconscious. We’ve all heard the story of the girl who finally “caved” and dating the guy who just “wouldn’t take no for an answer.” By being persistent, that man saw success! You need to be the entrepreneur who doesn’t hear “no.” You need to be persistent in your goals, because you will hear “no” at every corner!

“No” is a powerful word! You must…

1. Be able to SAY “NO” to distractions!

2. Be Able to IGNORE “NO” and be persistent!

Final Thought…

If you feel “stuck” in your business right now, ask yourself if you’ve become too distracted. Is there anything that you should be saying no to in order to become more focused? And then, look at your goals. Has a “NO” preventing you from moving forward? Has someone told you that your idea won’t work and you simply gave up? It’s time to use the power of “NO” to help you, not hinder you!


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  1. says

    Does Deb know she’s not in Hawaii anymore?

    Anyway – great idea to do some of these videos, “holding court” and all that. I’ll have to get out to SD one of these days with a racquet and join in the conversation.


    p.s. Saw Deb on the cruise – where were you James?!

  2. says

    James will be there next year.

    And we’ll see you Bob in Orlando where we gonna kick your Tennis Buttocks!!!

    You were warned! 😛

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