The Outsourcing Cure! Why Marketers Fail!

SUCCESS in your “Internet Business” does NOT come down to knowing the “Latest & Greatest” tactic or software gizmo.  Keeping up with the latest “shiny red ball” is almost impossible!  The first step is to ACTUALLY treat your business LIKE A BUSINESS!  This means SYSTEMS, OUTSOURCING & DELEGATING.  The following video is about doing EXACTLY that!

OUTSOURCING Your Business!

-WHY to do it!
-HOW to do it!
-WHEN to do it!


The Outsourcing Cure:

Did you get chance to watch my last video blog post on outsourcing your biz yet? Well…kinda embarrassing story…

Check this out…

I posted that video on my blog, and one of my subscribers totally called me out! His name is Jay Vikaz and he actually started his OWN Technical Support Outsourcing Team and he offers it as a service to crazy marketers like you and I who have no idea what css and php are!! Jay called me out because I am one of his (happy) customers!!!

In other words, I created an entire video on outsourcing and never mentioned how I pay $97/month to have a team of technical wizards create webpages, edit my wordpress blogs, fix code, install scripts, and perform surgical voodoo magic on my websites.


You see, when I’ve outsourced my business, I divided all the data-entry and simple tasks to my team in the Philipines… but when I need websites built, customized, coded, and php’ed (ya, that’s a word!) I use Jay’s team!!

After Jay called me out, I decided to write this follow-up email for two reasons…

1. I want u to check out (<—duh!)

2. I want you to undertand that their are different TYPES of tasks that need outsourcing, and you need different people for different jobs. Your VA in the Philipines
can’t do it all! You need someone who can do the technical programming work too!


Jay was nice enough to give me an affiliate link so I can get a little commission when you sign up for their service… but I’m not going to use that link.

Here’s why…

1. This is a SERVICE! Jay’s team works it’s buns off to get your stuff done! I don’t want to take money away from someone who has to take the time out AFTER the sale to physically WORK (this isn’t an ebook folks!)

2. IT’S FRIGGIN CHEAP! It’s $97 a month! That’s what I pay my TOP assistant PER week (and THAT’s a great deal!) If this service was $1,000 a month, then I might use that affiliate link 😉

So, go ahead and just check out the site and what Jay’s team can offer you!

View it here:

And these are the questions I want you to ask yourself:

1. What could you IMMEDIATELY outsource today to your new tech team?

2. How much time and headache would that save you?

3. What would that be worth to ya?

Ok! No more excuses, outsourcing is the answer to reaching your goals quicker and easier! Take MASSIVE ACTION! Until next time,

P.S. Found this online…it’s a quick video of me talking about the support team

I’d love your comments, questions and thoughts!  Please comment below!  THANK YOU!

-James Wedmore


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  1. says

    WOW! FULL of everything you need to know about Outsourcing!!! After listening I get it’s down to me letting go and choosing a shorter, easier and happier road to success. Energy IS our most valuable commodity! Thanks Results Man!

  2. says

    I’ve been thinking about getting a VA for a long time, I’ll catch you on skype sometime so you can give me a hand James 😉

    This video presentation was awesome btw. Really great value but you could’ve showed your face!



  3. says

    Sweet video. I can really tell you believe in this. After reading the 4HWW, in 2007 I started using Elance to hire article writers for the clients of the company in which I worked. The reason was, I was tired of writing all the articles and being expected to have awesome SEO results at all times while managing several other parts of the campaign. I actually enjoyed the article writing part, but it took up too much time.

    In 2008, a partner and I stared using Odesk for development projects. She was a lot more gung-ho about not working for anyone, but herself. I had that in me, but at the end of the day, it was easier. Which I hated admitting to myself. This is battle for me.

    You’re right about sites like Elance and Odesk. They are starting to get expensive now that there is a lot of pub about them since Ferriss’s book. I need to take the next step and do this for my OWN projects. I even already have a list of everything I would outsource, which I’ve had for months. I created it after I saw another video which mentioned the site. I was held back by the $50 a month. Now that I’ve making a lot more money.

    Stepping back six years. I started learning about Direct Marketing and Information Marketing in 2004 after running across Yanik Silver’s material. .Stepping back even further, I decided to study advertising and marketing in order to do it for myself, own my own business. Again after the 4HWW, I learned it much better to be the OWNER, than the CEO. I seem to be stuck. I’ve wanted to create my own info product for years. I’m not sure why I can’t pull the trigger. I’ve created squeeze pages, built lists, written auto-responders. I haven’t asked for someone to buy something from me.

    You were wise to never really jump into the 9-5. Time and energy is definitely something that’s a huddle for me. I feel like I know what needs to be done. I’m going to take your challenge and hire someone. Then in three months, I’ll let you know what’s changed. Sorry for the catharsis.

  4. says


    Wow! You really covered some great points here.

    The Key is definitely to get some systems in place to make things happen.

    Often Online entrepreneurs get stuck in the mindset of working like an employee in their own businesses. This is a big setup for failure.

    Instead if they just “Step into that CEO Position” as you so aptly put it, their businesses will run more efficiently because of the systems and the teams they put in place to manage the different aspects involved in running a successful business.

    As any CEO will tell you, hiring the right people for the right job is crucial to the success and growth of your business. Outsourcing is just another form of hiring. Whether you are outsourcing a project to the college kid next door or to someone in a different part of the world – that is what you are doing – hiring them to do a job.

    Outsourcing is a great way to setup your business for success and take it to the next level.

    But the key to successfully leveraging the power of outsourcing in your business is to have that CEO mindset. Think like the CEO of your business. Act like the CEO of your business. Look at the big picture and do not get caught up too much in the details.

    Get the right people, the right teams and the right systems in place to get the job done and the business moving forward.

    Thanks for putting together this video. I’m sure it will be very useful to many solopreneurs who feel like they are caught up in the daily grind. All they have to do is follow the clear steps you have outlined here.

  5. James Wedmore says

    Hey Neil! Yes, please keep me up to date on your “VA Adventure” and email me if you have any questions! Talk soon!


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