A Video on HOW to Make a Video (9 Steps)

I grew up making videos with my parent’s camcorder.  Back then, it wasn’t easy.  I had a clunky 12 pound camera, no digital recording, and I had to do my editing by connecting to VCR’s together…no joke.  Today, it’s a bit easier.  And the technology we have today has allowed me to raise-the-bar on the quality of my videos (using tool like my iPhone!) and help me generate over 1.7 Million views just on my YouTube Channel.

The 1.7 Million Views have given me more exposure, more traffic, and ultimately more customers.  And one of the biggest questions I get is, “What’s your process for making a YouTube Video?”  So without further ado, here is my latest YouTube on the exact process I go through to create a Youtube Video:

VIDEO: How to Make a Video

How to Make a Video

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  1. says

    Really it was good post and amazing video. James you are really inspiring. Hope I will try to prepare one and publish in Youtube soon.

    Thanks, keep publishing

  2. Carly Letson says

    Hi James,

    i have been watching your YouTubes and been a part of your online community for the past six months. I am finally ready to launch my Youtube channel. But I have run into a road block. I have a Nikon l820. It shoots beautiful HD but it does not have an external audio output. Can you make a recommendation on how I should proceed?


    Carly Letson

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