Video Salesletters

Just take a scroll through the Clickbank Marketplace (The World’s Largest Online Marketplace for digital products) ad you’ll quickly notice that the big-guns are converting all of their old, long-copy salesletters straight to video!  Instead of a website that scrolls on and on with no end in sight, visitors are now being presented with a simple, powerpoint-style video that effortlessly walks visitors through the proper sales sequence.  The result: conversions have doubled-even tripled overnight!

What would that mean for your business?  What would twice as many sales mean for your bottom line each and every month?   I’ve been split-testing video salesletters in several different markets for the past +16 months and I’ve compiled the results for you!  Read on to learn how you can sell your next product with video (or convert your old sales page into video)

The 5 Step Process for Video Salesletters

The topic of video intimidates most-but you have nothing to fear here.  No need for stage fright-you won’t be in front of the camera!  And you can forget getting lost in complicated software and equipment-all you need is Powerpoint or Keynote.  I’ve put the whole “Video Salesletter Blueprint into five simple steps you can follow right now…

1. Write Your Script

The first step is all about writing the “perfect script!”  We can through intimidating copywriting skills out the window.  The audio & video combination will make a highly more effective communication medium than just text alone.  I also go into greater detail with the Patented 10-Step sequence that I follow while writing the script for all my video salesletters

2.  Create Your Powerpoint

After you are happy with your script, go ahead and transfer all of your text onto a Powerpoint (or Keynote) presentation.  There are a few different styles to use here.  The “Simple Style” simply has you copying and pasting all of your text in small blocks onto each slide.  “The Dynamic Style” allows you to get a bit more creative.  You can add images, animations, bullet-points and transitions.  Which style you choose is based on your niche and your skill-level.  Both convert!

Video Sales Letter

3. Record It!

If you are on Powerpoint (a PC), you’ll need to use a screen-capturing tool such as Camtasia to record your audio and Powerpoint together.  If you are on a Mac, Keynote has a built-in recording function and saves you time.  Recording is simple and easy.  Just speak conversationally and with passion!


4.  Broadcast It!

After you have a finished video that you are happy with-it’s time to upload it!  I recommend for hosting your videos andcreating your players.  Here are some quick broadcasting tips: Set your video player options to “Autoplay” and “no controls” for best optimal conversions!

5.  Optimize Your Page!

After your video is online, it’s time to optimize the rest of your sales page.  At the very least, you need a simple headline, the video itself (duh!), and an “Add-to-Button.” Stay tuned for future posts where I share my high-converting “Hybrid Sales Page!”

Killer Video Case Studies:

Why re-invent the wheel when you can learn from the best?  Below are some of the HIGHEST-CONVERTING Video Salesletters that I’ve had the pleasure of working on!

1. Lewis Howes &

2. Coach Deb &

3. Jennifer Finley &

4. Adela Rubio &

5. Joey Atlas &

6. Dave Powers &