Video Salesletter Case Study: Gluten Free Abs

I just LAUNCHED a brand spankin’ new Clickbank Product that my girlfriend, Jennifer Finley created call Gluten Free Abs. She is a personal trainer, nutritional ninja and she’s 100% gluten free. She has severe gluten & dairy food allergies that prohibit her from eating bread, pasta cookies, milk & cheese. As a result, she has gotten in the best shape of her life and recommends to all of her clients (as well as me!) to start by removing gluten from their diet and replacing it with healthy alternatives! Thus Gluten Free Abs was born…

Why a Video Salesletter:

After Jen completed the product, I decided that the best way to sell Gluten Free Abs was through video. We wrote and produced a +21 minute Video Salesletter that explains the problems behind gluten and how to replace gluten to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. You can visit the site yourself and see that there is nothing but a video used to sell this product. (I highly recommend watching the Gluten Free Abs video and taking some notes for YOUR next video salesletter!)

Gluten Free Abs

Video Salesletters have truly become the new way of selling information products online. They are engaging, entertaining and informational. You get to use audio and visual together in a way that communicates your message very effectively. Choosing to do a video for Gluten Free Abs was a no-brainer!

5 Lessons I Learned from THIS Project:

Since 2009, I have been creating videos to sell people’s stuff in just about every niche imaginable (golf, fitness, biz opp, internet marketing, social media, software, relationship advice, etc). Every market is different in many ways, and I have new challenges to tackle with every project. I learned a lot working on this project and spent a lot of time making sure this video reflected exactly what we were offering inside the course.

Below is a list of FIVE of the biggest lessons I have learned while creating effective Video Salesletters that played an especially important role in the production of this last product…enjoy!

1. Get Attention! Watch this Video!

Everything on the salespage needs to somehow play a role in getting people to watch the video. If you choose to have a banner image, the colors, images and text should answer the questions, “What is this site about?” & “Why should I stay on this page?” Any copy you add to the page from headlines to subheads and everything in between NEEDS to get people’s attention and get them to keep watching the video. Even the first few lines of the video needs to be focused on getting the viewer’s attention so they keep watching!

So, how exactly do you get your viewer’s attention and get people to keep watching your video? Marketers try and over-complicate this part with fancy headline templates and convoluted trigger words. The solution is much simpler: all you need to do is make a promise! Tell people exactly what they are going to learn or the results they may obtain by watching your video. Easy right?

2. Teach, Don’t Preach!

If you’ve gotten the attention of your viewer by promising them some big secret, new cash-generating method or magic bullet solution, you have to deliver! You must treat your video salesletter a bit like a webinar or presentation. Give great content to your viewers! Teach them something that makes them go “WOW!” and they will be excited to take the next step.

In the Gluten Free Abs video, I wanted to give Jen’s viewers a way they could easily remove unwanted body weight simply by changing one thing in their diet. Inside the video, Jen presents on the details of identifying exactly what gluten is, how to remove it, and most importantly, how to replace it! Jen gives a TON of content for free! This helps people get excited about the product and purchase i,t so they can get more of the details and step-by-step instructions.

3. Follow a Sequence

Like everything, your sales process must follow the proper sequence. I mentioned ?this earlier: you must grab the attention of your viewers so they stay and watch your video. You can’t simply skip to the end and ask for their credit card info! You have to identify the problem, give them the solution, give them some actionable steps (content!) and present your product and it’s benefits. Then, and only then can you make your offer!

NOTE: Yes, I have perfected a video salesletter sequence, and I WILL be sharing it in a future blog post! 🙂

4. Throw Copywriting Out the Window!

People are gonna disagree with me on this one! I like to make the argument that copywriting is not nearly as important when crafting the perfect video salesletter. If you follow the correct sequence you are already on the right path. The next most important ingredient is…TONALITY! If you have passion, confidence and resolve in your voice, it will shine through to your viewers. If you are stuttering, nervous, and hesitant-even just a little-people will pick up on that.

The reason I share this with you is because copywriting can be a very daunting and intimidating skill. You do not need a $5,000 copywriting workshop to make an effective salesletter. Follow the sequence, speak with passion, and make your call-to-action! And that brings us to lesson #5…

5. Make a Strong Call-to-Action

This is kind of a no brainer, but it is also extremely important. After you follow your sequence and present your offer, you need to tell your viewers EXACTLY what to do next. This means telling them where to click and when! Do not shortchange yourself or your visitors will quickly breeze over this part of your video. Be clear and tell people WHY they need to take action now. Here’s an example…

“To take action now, simply click the shiny orange Add to Cart Button below this video, and you’ll get immediate access to the entire Gluten Free Abs Program within minutes. Go ahead and click that button right now to get started on your revolutionary new path to weight loss!”

Easy, right?!

Video ROCKS!

In the end, this was a GREAT project, and I am very excited for the results! ?Doing a video salesletter, I didn’t have to worry about writing advanced copy all down the page or formatting, adding images, links, etc. It’s just a simple video!

What product can you add video to? Try split-testing an existing product with a video salesletter! If you do it properly, I think you’ll be impressed with your results!

I am releasing a course shortly on Video Salesletters (more to come soon), but I will also be posting TONS of free content on how to craft your very own video salesletter very shortly! Thanks for reading! 🙂

P.S. If you are in the health/fitness/nutrition niche OR you know someone who is, I would love to talk about working together to promote Gluten Free Abs!

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  1. Ron Aguilar says

    Yes we have all seen or heard the Ryan Deiss video sales letters etc. The consumer likes to follow the bouncing ball as you speak to them with conviction and energy and of course articulation of the English language. So what else is new?

  2. says


    Totally agree the video sales pages are the way to go.

    Just wondering what your experience has been with a video opt-in page followed by a short email campaign and then the sale page vs. straight to a video sales page like you did??

    Here is what I mean



  3. James Wedmore says

    @Michael, great question!!

    There are a few factors that go into the “video presentation” strategy I used
    1. The type of traffic
    2. The content of the video
    3. The pricepoint of the video

    I am still collecting leads, just depends on which traffic source I am using. But the video salesletter is also being pitched as a free content video, and anything at a lower pricepoint can easily become a no-brainer purchase. A higher price calls for multiple contacts with the prospect (that’s where your autoresponder becomes very handy)

    I looked at your site, looks great, wouldn’t change a thing! Capturing leads should be objective numero uno!

  4. says

    Hi James – great stuff here… Looking forward to your new material. What’s the best way to get in touch with you regarding this:

    “P.S. If you are in the health/fitness/nutrition niche OR you know someone who is, I would love to talk about working together to promote Gluten Free Abs!”


  5. says

    Hey James, I just stumbled across this blog after being approached to promote both Gluten Free Abs and the M3 System as an affiliate.

    It seems you’ve got a great “video revolution” underway 🙂

    Anyway, I’m putting together a product of my own and I definitely going to try out the video sales page. It seems that these videos are just put together in Keynote, is that correct? If that’s the case, you’ve got some mad Keynote skills 🙂

    Take Care,

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