The BEST Place to Send Your Traffic from YouTube

If you’ve put up at least ONE video on YouTube, you SHOULD be asking the question, “Ok, now what?”  Or…“What do I tell my viewers to do next?”

YouTube IS Traffic.  In fact, on some of my latest videos, I’ve been able to convert between 30-40% of views into unique visitors to my website!  But, the question remains, WHERE on your website do you send people?!

The answer is: it depends.  But in short: the next step in your funnel.

Let’s step into our customer’s shoes for a second.  How did they find your video in the first place?  Did they have a question, and they “Googled” it, and found YOU?  Then, they watched the video from start to finish (which if they did, they obviously liked what they saw!). You now have an interested individual.  They like you, they like your content, and they are hungry for more.  It is up to you, to direct them to the next step.  I’ve divided that “next step” up depending on two categories of business owners: The Physical Product Owner &  Everyone Else.

1. I Sell Physical Products on the Internet

Let’s say you sell a tripod for the iPhone 5.  It is a low-priced product that serves a very specific purpose.  I would create a series of Product Reviews videos on YouTube targeting keywords such as “tripod for iphone” or “iphone tripod.”  At the end of the video, I would have a simple call to action to buy the tripod!  They don’t need to download a free report, go through a 10 day launch sequence or any nonsense like that.  They are ready to buy, don’t get in their way.  Their next step is a product page with a big fat “Add to Cart” button.

Simple, right?  Well, what if you DON’T sell inexpensive physical products over the Internet?  Well, you fit in the category of…

2. Everyone Else 

Whether you sell digital goods, digital services, or local services or anything else of that nature, we’re gonna take a different approach than physical product owners.  If someone Google’s “iphone tripod,” they are ready to buy.  Most of our future customers on the other hand, are NOT ready to buy when they first find us – which is why you DON’T send YOUR YouTube Traffic to a Sales Page.  (Oops!)

Example Time:

Let’s say I’m a Dog Trainer, and I have an online video training course showing you how to train your dog.  Here is the experience of a typical “future customer.”

Meet Sally. Sally gets a new puppy.  The puppy, although cute as a bug’s ear, starts stinking up her house with little pee puddles everywhere (gross).  Sally is smart and resourceful, soooo…she goes over to Google and types in “How to get my puppy to stop pissing all over my house.”  

(NOTE:  Notice she didn’t type in “Dog Trainer,” or “Dog Training Course” here…why?!  Well, she doesn’t know that’s what she NEEDS yet…it’s your job as the marketer to tell her that’s what she really needs!)

Sally then finds MY YouTube Video entitled: “How to Get Your Puppy to Stop Pissing in the House in 3 Steps.”    Sally watches the video, likes what she sees, and at the ends, listens to my Call-to-Action, which goes something like this:

“Thanks for watching my video, to get my 3-Part Video Series to help you House Train your Puppy, click the link below, and I’ll send you the free videos immediately!”

Sally clicks the link and low-and-beyond…where does she land??  A SQUEEZE PAGE!  Yes! That’s it a Squeeze Page!  Why a Squeeze Page?!  Because I want Sally’s contact info (name, email address).

This way, I can follow-up with Sally, and over the next few days (as I provide even more value to her), I can let her know about my awesome online training course that will help her raise the perfect puppy!

It may take a few days, a few weeks, or she may never buy at all.  But one thing is for sure: the chances of Sally buying directly after watching my YouTube video are extremely, EXTREMELY low..and  without a squeeze page, I never capture her contact details, and I can never follow up with her.  Customer Lost.  Bye Bye Sally.

How to Craft the Perfect Squeeze Page

My latest YouTube Video shows ya exactly how to put together a Squeeze Page (or Lead Capture Page, Landing Page, Opt-in Page, or as I like to call, a HUG Page!)  Click play to watch the video below now…

Squeeze Page

What’s Covered in this Video

Below is a quick recap of everything covered in this video…

I. What is a Squeeze Page (00:33)
A Squeeze Page is a simple page on your website designed to do one thing: SQUEEZE out the contact details of your web visitor.

II. WHY A Squeeze Page (00:44)
List Building is absolutely essential!  There is a direct correlation with the size of your list and your income

III. Essential Elements to Effective Squeeze Pages (3:14)
Each squeeze page starts with a Compelling Free Offer.  Then every element on the page supports that offer and encourages people to take action and opt-in.

IV. HOW to Create a Squeeze Page (4:00)
Now that you know that you need a squeeze page…how do you make one?!  LeadPages is the easiest (and quickest) way I know how to make Professional-Looking Squeeze Pages that convert!

The Lead Pages Review Video:

Lead Pages Review
Watch the Video on YouTube:

To Learn More About Lead Pages, CLICK HERE:

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    James you always share such great content for anyone who is looking to invest in the power You Tube and list building.

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    Some good info there James on how to best turn your Youtube traffic into profit. Engaging your viewers, getting them to click your link and then getting them to opt into your list and funnel is key to Youtube marketing success.

  3. says

    Thanks for this tips James,

    Never thought of a squeeze page as “hug” page hehehhe.

    I’m just wondering if YouTube allows you to put link to squeeze page on the video (using associate website for youtube partner).

    I heard from a marketing guru that you shouldn’t do that.



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    Thanks for this demo James!
    Lead Pages & LeadPlayer go hand in hand 🙂 Awesome product portfolio! Love the fanpage friendly and mobile responsive feature.


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