The WORST Advice I have EVER GIVEN!

I just finished up the eNewsletter for my Video Marketing Members over on, and I may have given the worst advice…ever!  Let me explain…

Almost every day I get comments and questions from subscribers asking virtually the same question: “James, do you teach anything on how to overcome fear of being in front of the camera?”

Got Stage Fright?

So..Brilliant James over here said, “Hey, let’s write an article called…wait for it…’How to Overcome Your Fear of Being in Front of the Camera!'”  (Brilliant!!)  And then I pressed the “send” button and experienced that same feeling you get when you send a text message at 2am in the morning: “Crap. Can I take that back?”

Here’s why…

Inside the article, I give some great actionable items that anyone who thinks they have a “face for radio” can take to overcome their “Video Stage Fright.”  But seriously…“overcome fear?”

Is that really what I want to teach someone to do? 

I am not a a Psychology Major or anything, but I had a mini-Epiphany the moment I pressed “send” on that email.  the more I show someone HOW to overcome something, the more we make it REAL.  It’s a bit cheeky, but all those fancy life coaches LOVE to say FEAR is simply an acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real”  It’s corny, yet scary true!

You can ONLY overcome something if it is REAL and TANGIBLE.  And any “fear you have of the camera” only exists in your head. It isn’t real…unless you decide to make it so.

I look at fear like darkness, it’s just the absence of light.  So..let’s shed some light (or a spot light?!) on this fear to make YOU a Super Star in front of the camera.

“I’m afraid to do video, because I’ve never done it before.” People frame the “unknown” as scary.  But let’s face it: safe is boring!  Can you think of something recently that you’ve done for the first time, that was fun and exciting?  Maybe it was an exotic trip, a new movie, or a brand new hobby!  We are wired for change and growth.  Look forward to exciting opportunities to experience new things…video is no exception!

“I’m afraid of what others will think of me.”  I don’t know how many times people have told me they have a “face for radio” and wouldn’t ever dream of stepping in front of the camera.  Maybe you’ve gained some weight.  Maybe you don’t look the way you did in high school  SO WHAT?!  At the end of the day, NO ONE will be more of a harsh critic on you than yourself.  So stop beating yourself up!  And if you  still have some form of a fear of rejection, here is more proof that it is completely made up and in your head: Any criticism towards you from someone else is simply a projected reflection of some quality the critic doesn’t like about himself or herself.  In other words…it’s them, NOT YOU. (Sorry, but confident and happy people don’t go around laughing at others!)

Bottom line, I COULD give you a ton of action items to keep you busy and distracted while trying to “fight the fear,” but at the end of the day, that’s just putting a band-aid on the wound.  If you can just remember that there is no spoon, you don’t need to take any action to overcome anything.

Don’t feed it, don’t give it your energy. Your only job is to make the entire process fun! 🙂

Speaking of fun, this was really fun to write, comments?

P.S.  Ok, ok, if you REALLY want to hold on to some FEAR, the only thing you should REALLY be afraid of is if your competitors are doing video (and doing it better) than YOU!

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    Speak Your Mind? I tend to do that a little to often! Oh, by the way great post as usual. My fear is that I am not afraid of anything or anyone but myself. So now what? I will just continue training and going thru all this great content. One thing for sure, I am having so much FUN. I just wanted to comment when I read that call to action button Speak Your Mind. I am going to use that, I love it. My first blog should be ready to go next week! This s soooooo Exciting again, another new adventure, this training you offer and teach is just FABULOUS. I love letting go. ~Monica

  2. says

    ahh – the self critic, always the loudest voice in our heads.
    Stepping out of one’s comfort zone from time to time is the path to growth – corny or not – it’s true. Thanks for the great post James.

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