YouTube Monetization – should you do it?

I get that question a lot when people are figuring out how to make money online and how to make money with your YouTube videos.

It may seem like a harmless no-brainer at first to enable ads on your videos. After all, it’s easy to implement and what the heck…if someone actually clicks on an ad then YouTube will toss you a little bit of change.


But…just because something is easy doesn’t mean you should do it. Especially when doing it means that your customer really just ends up being distracted by this form of YouTube monetization (at the least) OR ends up clicking off of your video and onto somebody else’s site (at the worst!).

Let YouTube keep the change! I’ve got bigger plans for you and your business.

What if I’m just a Blogger?

If you simply have a blog and are just doing a bunch of videos mainly for fun, with no real back end business, then perhaps using the YouTube Adsense program for monetizing your videos could be perfect for you.

However, if you have a business with a product or service to sell then keep reading because there are better ways of YouTube Monetization in store for you!

First Step for Making Money with YouTube

The first thing you must do to make money with YouTube is: Be sure that your YouTube channel is set up for monetization.

“Huh? But James…didn’t you just say we should NOT do YouTube monetization?”

Yes…I’m glad you were listening! ?

To implement a monetization strategy for your videos, one where you LEVERAGE your videos to build your own business you must activate the YouTube option for monetization.

But…you don’t have to use it!

By setting up your channel for monetization you will be allowed to direct your YouTube traffic to your own websites and landing pages.

I show you how to do this in the video above: (Time Stamp 2.00)

Second Step for Making Money with YouTube

Now that you have your monetization option set up, you are ready to direct traffic!

So where do you send them? That’s another question I get asked all of the time and I’m not going to go into detail here. But the short answer is to send them to a landing page where you have the opportunity to collect the viewer’s information and build your list.

In fact, with just one video, I’m consistently getting 10 Leads A Day…from a single video! And…you can too. Click here to get the report:

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    Love this James.

    I preach and practice this too – too many people being short sighted and hurting viewer retention for a few cents.

    keep up the good work

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