An HD Video Camera for LESS Than $100 Bucks?


Well, it’s official!  You can finally throw out that old excuse, “I would make videos, but I can’t afford it!”

Below is the OFFICIAL Review of The Logitech c920 HD Webcam, a camera that sells for less than $100 on!  Not bad, eh?

Watch the video below…

The Official Logitech c920 HD Webcam REVIEW

Logitech c920 HD Webcam REVIEW

Logitech c920

A Quick Summary

The “What”

The Logitech c920 is a USB camera that plugs directly into your computer and produces HD Quality footage.  It works for both Mac and PC

The Pro’s

It’s cheap!  This camera is less than $100 on  The visual quality is pretty darn good too!  It’s small, lightweight and includes a tripod mount to secure to any tripod!

The Con’s 

This camera does NOT record audio or visual like a video camera.  In order for this webcam to work, it must be connected to your computer, and you must run a program (such as ScreenFlow) to actually record and capture footage.  Plus, I DO recommend an external mic as well.

The Logitech c920 in Action!

NOTE: The C920 DOES Have a Microphone

Silly me!  You must ALSO check your “Screenflow Settings” to make sure you are capturing both the visual AND the audio, as demonstrated in the picture below.  However, I never recommend using the onboard mic system of any camera.  It ALWAYS helps to get a mic of your own!


 Click Here to Learn More About the Logitech c920

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  1. says

    Wonderful video and thanks so much. I picked up the c920 last week after having tried the 720hd by Logitech. I was planning on using the c920 formy language lesson training. I shot some video and then shot some more with my Kodak z990. Big difference. The problem has been I have a small space to record and getting behind the SLR was a challenge. But as someone once said, if you put your mind to it… Late last night I had a ueureka moment. Now I put the c920 on my extra tv/monitor and peer into the view finder of my z990. Now I can see what I’m recording on the big screen and get the great resolution too. I use the c920 for lessons via Skype and record with the z990. Thanks again for all your support and inspiration.

  2. says

    @Joe: They do work on the Mac, but the software does not. It’s sad, because the software allows you to do things like Face follow, pan and tilt, etc… But yeah, the camera works, the software doesn’t 🙁

  3. JohnWilder says

    James, the C920 not only has it’s own stereo microphones built in, but they actually sound just as good as my $300 USB mic for close-up work! The whole reason the unit is so wide is that it has the built-in stereo mics, and the Amazon page mentions the mics in the list of features. You should probably redo your review, since you kept saying that people would have to go out & get a separate mic for audio input! The built in mics feature was the main reason I bought mine! Great quality audio! Less to carry!

  4. says

    A good cheap HD alternative. You’re right James. You definitely need an external mic if you are not close up in front of the camera. This at least give you the freedom to move around.


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