Boost YouTube Views: 8 Simple Tips to Increase Your Video Traffic

In the past month, I’ve managed to increase my YouTube Views by over 26%.  What does that mean?  Well, simply put: more traffic.  There is a DIRECT CORRELATION with the amount of views you get on your YouTube Videos, and the amount of incoming traffic you can receive from those views!

More Views means More Traffic!

How did I increase my views by 26% in one month?  I dunno.

But here are the EIGHT most-important things I do to ALL of my YouTube Videos (new and old) each and every time I upload to make sure I’m getting the most out of my effort!

VIDEO: How to Boost Your YouTube Views

Boost YouTube Views (

#1: Your Titles Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

What is your video about?  If you have ANY video titled “About Us” or “My First Video” or WORSE:  “Mov00001.mp4”  You’re NOT doing yourself any favors.  Take the time to choose the correct KEYWORD PHRASE and add it to your title.  Make sure it is a RELEVANT keyword that you know your audience is ACTUALLY searching for when they go to YouTube & Google.

And here’s the super-quick tutorial on how to change your Title & Description:

How to Change Your Title & Description:

#2: Add a “James Wedmore-Approved” Description?

YouTube didn’t give you a video description box so you could leave it empty.  Here are the three most-essential elements you need in your description for every video (past and present!)

a. Your Keyword Phrase (at the beginning of the description)

b. Your URL (where do you want to send your viewers)

c. A “Mini-Blog Post” describing the contents of your video

And that’s it!  Make sure every video has this for proper optimization!  Oh ya, and here’s the tutorial for setting that up:

How to Change Your Title & Description:

#3: Upload/Sync Your Transcript

Here’s something to think about: Google “listens” to your video before a single person ever sees it!


Google has become very good at indexing your video, figuring out what your video is about, by listening to what you are saying in your video.

You may have seen my example before where I actually said, “I’m passionate about kettlebells” in one of my videos and ended up getting ranked for that phrase – even though I never used those words anywhere else in my Video SEO efforts.

You can capitalize on this by creating and uploading a full transcript of your video.

Upload a Transcript:

#4: Add Your Custom Thumbnail

Grab the attention of folks as they scan through the YouTube search results with a great thumbnail!

Choosing the right picture and adding some text can create a response just like a great magazine cover. You can literally stop viewers in their tracks and encourage them to choose your video over your competitors, boost YouTube views, and increase your customer engagement, just by choosing the right picture for your thumbnail.  Here’s how to do this quickly and easily…

Upload Your Custom Thumbnail:

Tip #5: Add The Subscribe Annotation

YouTube likes channels that post regularly and have more subscribers…plain and simple.  I get more views because I have more subscribers.  Here is one super simple way to get more subscribers: ask!  On every video, take 30 seconds and add a Subscribe Annotation that asks your viewers to become subscribers.  To learn how to do this EXACTLY how I do it, watch the tutorial below…

Add a Subscribe Annotation:

Tip #6: Add Your External Link Annotation

YouTube is a Traffic Source.  If done properly, you can see +30% of your viewers transfer into REAL targeted traffic to your website or blog!  One of the BEST ways to boost this conversion number is to add an external link annotation to each of your videos.  When you give your Call to Action, simply add an annotation that people can click on so they can hop on over to YOUR website and get the heck off of YouTube!  For the Full tutorial, see below…

External Link Annotation:

Tip #7: Add Your Subscribe Watermark

I love this one.  Using a super-cool function called InVideo Programming, you can add a branded watermark to all of your videos with a click of a button.  Now when users click on this watermark, they can subscribe to your channel or watch your latest video with ease!  This is a great future…use it!  Seriously…it takes 15 seconds to set up!  Don’t believe me?  Watch the tutorial here…

InVideo Programming Tutorial:

Tip #8: Using Your Blog to Boost YouTube Views

Your blog is the central hub of your online business.

While there are many platforms to build your business (YouTube being one of the more popular ones for building your social media authority), you don’t own many of those platforms. This isn’t a problem because you want to LEVERAGE their reach and authority.

However, you also want to OWN your main hub because you have more control over it. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can (and do) change their rules all of the time. Mostly for better because they want to keep people come back to their site.

However, building up your own property, your blog, and embedding your videos on that site, allows you to have more tools to serve your customers, build your list, and build your business.

They are not working against each other…they work together. That’s why you should include a backlink in each of your blogposts pointing back to the URL of your YouTube video.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Website:

“Do I have to Do All of These Things?”

NO!  You Don’t…but someone on your team does!!  Why would you ever spend the time and money to make a YouTube video, and fall short of doing the actual marketing and optimization that it REALLY takes to go the distance!  Don’t let your video efforts be in vain.  These 8 steps can be done in minutes…seriously!  And the best part, you can do them on all past, present AND future videos!

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    thanks for sharing these great tips. Because Youtube videos also give some extra adsense earning. So it’s helpful for incraasing a blog traffic. You give a nice guide for it. So thanks again.

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    I want to highlight my town all over the world of internet. This page had something really precious for me. Thanks for showing me the new world. You videos are really worthy to watch and I had started following the instruction. May god bless me a bit more success to my task too. Thanks buddy 🙂

  3. Daniel says

    Mr. Wedmore,

    Thank you for your very helpful videos, I have watched several and I am on your mail list.

    Question: When I put my channel name in the annotation section, in order to make a subscription annotation link, the preview link takes me to someone else’s youtube channel. This happens when I click on the live link in the video as well. The YouTube channel is totally different from mine and the latest videos on this channel are 3 years old.

    I contacted YouTube through a “feedback” link, but I am not sure what else to do. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you!


  4. says

    Thank you James, i have started a new channel and i have followed all your techniques mentioned i can see a change from my previous uploads.

    Many Thanks

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