How to Deal with HATERS on YouTube (and Real Life!)

I’m writing about this topic for one reason:  The FEAR of Rejection keeps people from taking action and growing their business on YouTube.

I can sit here and show you 100 Case Studies of successful Business Owners leveraging YouTube (a.ka. the proof!); I can give you the exact formula you need for YouTube Traffic, and I can walk you through it step by step, and yet people still won’t put up a single video!


They are frozen in fear.  So, let’s shine the mirror on yourself for a moment.  Does this sound like you?  Have you hesitated about putting up a video, because you are afraid of what people might say or think about you?   Do you ask yourself, “Why Me?” or “Who am I to put up videos?”

If the answer is YES, then this video is for YOU!  Take a moment to watch my latest YouTube Video on how to deal with haters, negative comments and rude feedback!

VIDEO: How to Deal with Nega-Bots & D-Bags!

How to Deal with HATERS

Will You Let “Haters” Run Your Business for YOU?

If you watched the video above, then you know that the real secret is to identify WHY people leave negative comments in the first place, then detach yourself from what others think about you.  If you have the haters, you also have the fans!  It’s kinda a package deal!  So, the question is, will you really let some non-contributing ZERO run your life, your business and your financial fate for you?

I get that it can be scary to put yourself out there to the World, trust me I know.  But what’s scarier? Getting negative feedback on a YouTube video, or never taking action toward your goals?

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  1. Mark says

    Hey James
    Is there any way to delete these “hate” comments or do you just leave them. I’ve seen many that are downright abusive and I wouldn’t want obscene language showing up on my channel if it could be avoided

  2. Cliff Capehart says

    I am new to Youtube and creating videos for my Beachbody Fitness Coaching business. There are tons of coaches like me already using Youtube to promote their business and doing really cool stuff and getting real success using Youtube. As for myself and building my team, I would really like to learn how to help them as well as me create cool video promos. I watched your April training which was helpful. I have an iPhone 5 and right now that I want to use for short videos. There was a guy who had created a phone holder that could be attached to a mic stand but I have misplaced his name and the product information. I haven’t seen anything like it at my Apple store or online. Do you have any recommendations or his information I can look into. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Love Laguna Beach by the way. I relocated to Nashville, TN. from there over a year ago but still have family in North Laguna. Thanks for your time.

  3. says

    Hey James,
    just watched this video on a relaxing Saturday morning! I believe this took my last fear away to create my first video! Thank you!

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