What’s the Point of the FedEx Logo?

Have you ever taken a moment to look a bit closer at that infamous Purple and Orange FedEx Logo on the side of their big trucks? Can you see the small arrow that blends in between the “E” and the “X.” If not, look below.

Believe it or not, THIS was intentional with the marketing and branding GENIUSES at Federal Express. But really, what’s the point?

This FedEx example is the PERFECT metaphor for ANY marketer or business owner. As we are being bombarded with advertising (both online and offline) all day long, we need to be aware of WHAT strategies are being used and HOW they are being implemented on us. When something actually gets your attention, ask yourself WHY and reverse-engineer the answer.

You need to switch your lens of perception and stop analyzing commercials, advertisements and other marketing pieces from the viewpoint of the consumer, but rather from the viewpoint of ANOTHER marketer. You need to condition your mind to find the “hidden arrow” in every marketing example.

The Old Woman & Her Daughter:

In Stephen Covey’s brilliant book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he opens by sharing the importance of being able to switch the “lens” in which you view the World. Things are NOT always as they appear to be, and sometimes it is worth a second look. For example, in the book, Covey presents the following image…

What is this a picture of? What do YOU see?

At first glance, MOST see an old woman. But what if I told you that the old woman you think you see is actually an image of her young, beautiful daughter…don’t believe me? Look at the image below…

After studying this image, go back to the previous one, and see if you can’t pick up the image of the young girl as well.


Both this and the FedEx examples are simple exercises designed to train your brain.

Bottom line, AFTER I pointed out the FedEx arrow to you for the first time, EACH and every time you see that FedEx truck go by, the FIRST thing your eyes (and your brain) are going to notice, is that little arrow between the “E” and the “X.” Your job is to condition yourself to see the little arrow in ALL future marketing pieces. IF you want to become a successful marketer, this is absolutely imperative!

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